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Sky Golem Drawing!

The time is nigh!First off, the time for Thursday nights has been changed to 6:00pm. Tsumari, Happyhelper and I discussed it and we have several people on Eastern time that just cannot make 7:00pm server. To get more gnomes participating we are ...
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You and PvP

Ok gnomies. One short question. What would it take to get you to PvP?
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Forbs is building a Sky Golem just for YOU!

Want to know how to win this amazing mount? Its simple!Participate in Geegee's weekly Battleground event on Thursday evenings!Everyone who goes the distance will automatically be entered in the drawing for this awesome mount!This promotion will be...
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6.0 PvP and beyond

Ok so we have gnomes who are progressing in PvE with the Sunday night Flex raids and we have gnomes who are working on RP and such....however we are lacking in one major area of WoW right now...that being PvP!!!While I was glancing at some of the ...
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Gnews from the Gnomish Warfront

Howdy Gnomies!!As a joke I offered Forbs an enlistment bonus (bribe) to come PvP last night. That got me to thinking (dangerous).Thursday Gnite Gnomish War Front will now offer a real enlistment bonus. We will play three BGs and after that I'm g...
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Adding a PvP night

Hi all. GeeGee would like to add a PvP night to our guild calendar for random battlegrounds. I'd also be interested in doing sewer groups and the PvP world quests.We can only queue as a group of five unless we move into rated. (Which I hope we d...
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PvP team against an all goblin guild?

I have gotten a message from an all goblin guild. They asked us if we wanted to form PvP teams and do pvp with them as in like battlegrounds. I think we should try some pvp, and have some fun! Who's with me?
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PvP night postponed.

Due to RL issues I am going to attempt to hold PvP night on Friday this week working around RRN. I have to take a last minute work trip and will be out of town until Friday. Please pass the word to others as you see them.
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It's official we have been having more then a few fun PvP nights and now I am looking to have some Arena fun for G4. I've been lucky enough to do 2s with some great people and we have had no problem winning a majority of our matches. If you have...
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Last PvP night

It was a bit shorter than normal, and I do apologize. A few RL things were trying to butt in. Still we had a great series of BG's, and I'm sure the next one will be much better. Later in the evening Winkia and I also ran a few Arenas with great...
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Last night at PvP night...

PvP night last night was a lot of fun.  After gathering in Shattrath it was off to Nagrand for dueling. We battled on one of the floating islands high in the air, and saw some very impressi fighting.  One of the best duels of the night was fought...
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Crafted PvP gear.

If anyone has an interest in putting together a set please post here and the guild will see about producing you a class and spec specific Crafted PvP set. Pieces are ilvl 476.EditForgot to mention, but make sure you post what spec you need.
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PvP night battleground results.

Last night we went 6 deep into hostile territory's. We opened up with a round of AV. It was a close battle but the Gnomes were deeply involved with taking the hordes final tower while most of the rest of the team was turtled up at the alliance ge...
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PVP Night results.

PvP night was a lot of fun last night. We opened with an impromptu world defense session. A man named Bregore was raising the alarm as the Horde had just sacked the Exodar, and were on their way to Darnassus. We joined up with Bregore's defense...
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Destro Lock PvP

Does it exist? Yes. At this link you will find (yet another PvP video of someone owning a bunch of people to music) a pretty decent display of technique. This video has two things going for it that I really like. The first is that you can cran...
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Gnomeregan 4 Ever PvP night!

Hey everyone, I've been speaking with Forbs a bit lately and we both really like the Idea of getting some more PvP going for the guild. This is a PvE server and i know a lot of people don't love PvP, and others just may not have much experience w...
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The Gnomish Assassin League (PvP/RP)

So late one night me and Evy were talking through vent and both came up with an idea that started as a joke but as we talked more about it we realized how great it could actually be and wanted to get it up and running. Now by the title this will n...
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Down with Garrosh!!

So as i am watching some video on youtube I see a couple of players attacking orgrimmar. Now this looked fun and all but there was nothing special about it so I realized what would make it more fun! Gnomes. Imagine the horror and mind games thi...
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Let's PVP!

Hiya Gnomes, Aizi here.I've been doing a lot of PVP lately, on many different toons. It's a really enjoyable aspect of the game - the only part that's missing is more Gnomes! If anyone wants to or has even the slightest interest in PVP, let me k...
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Arena's, Battle Grounds, War Games and such.

A couple of things got me to do this 1 is Brixee's post on Raids and Forbs post about what do we want to see more over the next year or so for G4. One of my goals over Mists is to get into PvP more; to this end I am going to try to level my monk u...
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