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[Pinned] Links, Guides, and Knowledge Locations for all Gnomes!

Here is an updated list of resources for Legion and beyond!Gnome Discord: of these sites have excellent class guides. This should be your fi...
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[Pinned] Siosil's Guide to Gnomish Hunter Pets!

To celebrate the upcoming release of hunters, I'm making this guide to potential Gnomish pets! If any new models or species are added that may be of interest to gnomes, I will update the post! :D Pet Basics For players who have never played a hunt...
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Tomb of Sargeras PLEASE WATCH!

We're going to try the Fallen Avatar this week and its a complicated fight! PLEASE take a few minutes to watch these videos in advance so you know what to expect!Fat Boss Guide to Fallen Avatar Norm-Heroic2-Minute Tank Guide to Fallen AvatarKelani...
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Tomb of Sargeras Raid Strategy

Hey everygnomie, before we head into the Tomb of Sargeras, please make sure youre ready!1. Make sure your gear is ilvl 888 or better!2. Make sure you have the latest version of Deadly Boss Mods installed.3. Make sure you have Discord installed and...
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Reporting for Duty! *Salute*

Greetings gnomies! Many of you know me as the new gnome, Lizbit the warlock. I recently reached ilvl 860 and look forward to joining you all in some gnomish boss smacking in Gnighthold and Gnome of Sargeras.I will also be bringing over two of my a...
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Raid Two: Electric Boogaloo (or the Alt Raid, to be more boring)

Gnomeregan Forever's raiding team has been having a pretty good expansion so far. We've managed to keep up with the progression of the raids thus far, downing both Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor on Normal before the next tier released, and e...
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Mythic Dungeon School for Gnomes!

Greetings gnomes!As new folks join our ranks, and people get new gnomes leveled up there has been a lack of groups for them to learn how to play the lower tier content of this expansion. I would like to help change that. So with that in mind, once...
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Nighthold Boss Vids Check em out!

Skorpyron Guide: Anomoly https://w...
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When Can Their Glory Fade?

I've not been posting as many glorious screenies of our noble four hundred as I could be. Time to make amends.- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Inside the Emerald Nightmare with Pépé P. Pìppìn

Allô my fellow gnomies!I'll start off by saying, it feels good to be back in action here at G4... I've been away for quite some time, clearing my mind and preparing for the Legion to drop. All at the same time, falling deeper and deeper in the sha...
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Withered Army Scenario Guide and Map

Hey, all. I found this Withered Army scenario guide to be really helpful so I thought I'd post it here. It was posted by Archimtiros on mentions running as a tank a few times in this guide, however, I ran this as a Fury Warrior...
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Two Minute Guides: Emerald Nightmare

Bone up ladies and gentlegnomes!Nythendra (Bug Dragon) (Spider Bird) (Da Bear)'Gynoth (Evil Tree)https:...
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What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It's Been

Hey Everygnome!I'm putting together a guild activity for Satruday afternoons before scheduled for around 2pm Server Time. This will be a weekly event a there are many dungeons to crawl through for this achievement and toy! The toy allows you to ...
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Raiding Basics: Gnomes Destroy the Legion Edition

So we have a lot of new and returning raiders and I thought I'd make a post about the basics of raiding in Legion as it has changed from past expansions. I am not writing this to upset anyone or call anyone out, but to try to set up a central plac...
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Exceptional Outlaw Guide

Outlaw Rogues, you need to plunder this treasure trove of information! Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Helpful Mouse Over Healing Macros!

Hey Everyone,Here are some helpful macros for Mistweaver, but can be modified for any healing class. The basics are as follows:#showtooltip/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player]<SpellName>So #showtooltip will show the normal to...
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Nythendra down!

First boss down by G4 on the first week the raid opens! Thanks to all, and to Zoreli / Iylina for leading/herding! 😎 Here's the screenshot that I have, for full size follow the link:
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Sites for Sore Eyes - Helpful Links

A list of helpful sites divided into categories. Will be edited as time goes on to include new sites as they are brought to my attention.Basics: - Explains the basics for each class and spec. Rotations, enchanting and gemm...
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Emerald Nightmare Strategy!

Evil Dragon Nythendra Bitesize GuideClick to watch on Youtube7 Min Fatboss Guide Click to watch on YoutubeEvil bear2 min TLDR GuideClick to watch on YoutubeEvil Spider-Bird2 min TLDR GuideClick to watch on YoutubeEvil TreeIl'gynoth Bitesize GuideC...
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Our needs for Legion raiding

First off please excuse me if someone has already posted this. With only hours left before we hurl our little bodies into the battle against the Legion, what are our needs going to be so far as raiding.I do plan on raiding with G4 this xpac, howe...
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