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by Froackle on Aug 12, 2015 at 04:24 PM
Hello friends, after a fee month long hiatus, i have returned to WoW, and more importantly, G4. Unfortunately do to budget issues and time restrictions, I wasnt able to continue. However recently I decided to return, and I am happy to be back.

With the hiatus, I've forgotten Froackles story, so when rping with me, it would be best to start off new (unless it involves previous involvement with Op Gnomeregan or other historical moments. I have to say that his new backstory is much more fleshed out and interesting, in my honest opinion.

Hurray for G4!!
by Omtay on Jul 17, 2015 at 03:08 PM
When I started WoW (Burning Crusade), it was in a difficult time in my life. I was ten years old and without giving a sob story, I'll tell you I used WoW as an escape. I was able to take my mind off my situation and really delve deep into another world. As a child I always had a wild exaggerated imagination and thus, I was able to really latch on and feel connected to this virtual world.

The story of the gnomes instantly caught my attention. Take back your home and lead your people to a brighter future. I chose Omtay to become me. To become a greater me. Omtay, this small underdog in a giant new world would become a warrior. The thought of a 3 foot tall gnome warrior taking down a full sized Tauren with nothing but a shield and sword captivated me as a kid. This thought did come true later on down the road in fact! Anyway, Omtay started our journey in Coldridge Valley and it was there I started to learn more about the dwarves. Down the road I came by an NPC by the name of Ragnar Rumbleshot. It was this pivotal moment where I learned to use a ranged weapon, my first blunderbuss. It was that moment I started to play my warrior as more of a hunter. Relying on my sword and shield only when a mob would get too close. This weapon alone set me on the path to become an engineer.

Fast forwarding past all my adventures and quests, I ended my adventure in Ungoro Crater. My father would no longer be paying for my subscription. It was not until my last few years of high school, that Mists of Pandaria would come out and spark my love for this game again. I contacted a Blizzard employee about my account and he was able to bring Omtay back online after all those years. I came back to this world only to see that everything had changed. The zones were new and even old zone were changed by the cataclysm.(also I realized sometime later that I missed out on Operation Gnomeregan, oh how I was pissed.). So, I set out. Turns out I was very bad at WoW when I was ten, a level 50 with level 30 gear on and no idea what I was doing. I had a lot of ground to cover so I started leveling as fast as I could. This was a bad idea. As a kid I took a lot of time to really experience the area and feel like my character was growing. As a teenager my only goal was end game. I missed out on a lot of character development during this time. Granted RP was not on my list of things to do. Once off to college, I met my roommate. He would be the one to really shape me into a raider and really learn how to play WoW and even my Warrior.

Eventually, I yearned for the rose colored goggles of my ten year old self. Raiding was not giving me the satisfaction that just playing the game did when I was young. I played with some IRL friends and had a lot of good times but nothing like I had before. I had fun playing the game as a warrior but not playing as Omtay. I needed something more. My roommate began to tell me stories of his server, Wyrmrest Accord. He told me tales people playing in a new way, Roleplay. This was my chance to play WoW in a new way. I had a chance to play Omtay as Omtay, play like I did back in BC. He was also the one to tell me about a guild of all gnomes on the server, and BOOM I set out to transfer severs. Before I would seek these gnomes out, I needed to really think about how I would play Omtay. I wanted desperately to keep the image of Omtay the same as my ten year old self. I struggled for a long time trying to set the story of Omtay. It wasn't until I was accepted into G4 that I learned Omtay had changed much like I have over the years. Finally, Omtay and I were one again. It was exactly want I wanted. Only, one thing was off. I learned Omtay was not a warrior. Much like when I bought my first blunderbuss in Dun Morogh, Omtay changed. Roleplaying had shown me I could RP as anything I wanted. I didn't have to RP as a warrior because Omtay was not a warrior. Sure he could use a sword, but deep down, he was a hunter.

Omtay finally started to grow into his own. His story still has a few holes in it, but the path forward is clear. Once gnome hunters are implemented (this I have no doubt), I will begin to level Omtay as a hunter and really RP in my questing zones. I will be able to see Omtay as both myself and as Omtay. I will be able to take my time in a zone and flesh out my experience and not blow through zone like I did during my high school years. Omtay will go back to the cata shattered zones in a new light. I will be able to go back to my roots and see, with Omtay's eyes, how all my zones have changed as I have. I have rekindled my love for this game and Omtay.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me get to this point. My friends in life, and my friends in G4. Much like my friends in life, G4 if turning into family.

Also sorry if this post is too long and takes up too much space. I figured the journals would be a more appropriate place to post rather than the forums. Please correct me if this isn't the case.
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Jan 25, 2015 at 01:54 PM

My Dearest Toggle,

I finally made it to Northrend! It's a start. I have a mission that will take me to Fizzlecrank's airstrip. Hopefully that will lead me to more information about Father and Mother.

I had one of the in patrons write this for me but Craggle will have to correct the mis-spellings. Northrend is so cold! I can't see why my parents would have wanted to come here.

I will write when I can.

Your Rusteah
by Zyone on Sep 18, 2014 at 03:26 PM
Trash: Pull the first wave of mobs all the way to the boss entrance. Finish them off before starting your first boss encounter. (Stack together so smoke bombs/clouds don't become a problem for ranged/healer)

Boss: Start off with heroism, blow all cd's on boss all while avoiding the bombs.

Trash: After killing the first boss run to the first set of adds and kill them. Run across the bridge (avoid the stun from boss if possible) and kill the second set of adds. After those adds go down runs straight to the elevator skipping the next set of adds and getting on the elevator to start the next encounter. (Have someone in charge of the elevator lever to ensure all five people are on the elevator. *no man left behind!*

Boss: Healer should focus on Prey Time timer (the boss grabs a random DPS and deals 400k over 5 seconds.) make sure they are healed and topped off. Everyone should avoid acid pools. Coordinating where to stand when boss throws fire on the ground so the group doesn't divide. Easy fix if we mark the healer and follow wherever they go during that phase. After the boss is downed have our fastest runner begin the scenario making sure the people that stay up kill the adds with the cannons.

Trash: Kill the adds as fast as you can.

Boss: Start the encounter exactly where the boss is standing. Work your way up positioning boss so that the green pools are placed on one side. Work your way down on the opposite side and finish him off exactly where the boss was originally standing.

Trash: Avoid the trash that you skipped and jumped down towards the last boss. Use slow fall/Paraglider or jump onto the wooden stick and then to the floor to avoid dying from falling damage. (Because you will die if you fall from the very top)

Boss: Immediately heal up everyone from falling damage. Send two DPS to kill weak spot unloading cd's and popping heroism. The people that stay down just kill all the adds that spawn. After the two weak spot DPS get thrown off, have one dps rotate out so that the DPS that stayed down the first time has all cd's available to unload on the weak spot. After weak spot is down stand on the same side as the healer and burn the boss keeping in mind to run away from fixate. - Zyone "For Gnomeregan!"
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Aug 16, 2014 at 08:44 PM

My Dearest Toggle,

Wonder of wonders! I was been given some news about my family from a gnome in Toshley's Station. He is old and kind of crazy but he described them. He said they were selling stuff in Stormwind, but they left for some place called Northrend. He didn’t know much more than that. He knew Uncle Telderay a lot better – said he had fought with him when the High Tinker attacked Gnomeregan and met him again here at this very same place. One of his assistants promised to mail it to old Craggle when he had a chance. The way things are here, I may beat this letter back.

I am sorry that this is so short. I will be back in Stormwind someday. Remember that I will always love you and miss you.

Your Rusteah
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Jul 14, 2014 at 06:54 PM
My Dearest Toggle

It is Winterveil, but you would know that. Even after my time in Ironforge, I am still trying to get used to the idea of festivals and holidays. We never had those growing up in the Depths, but then we Riggers didn’t have a lot of things. Craggle says that I can stay at his house and go with his family to meet Father Winter. I think he is trying to keep me busy and it is just as well.

I survived that mission I told you I had a bad feeling about and many others. But that feeling never went away. Things did not go well in on my last job on Southern Kalmindor. I nearly died in the desert and now have a patch over my left eye. The healers at the Cathedral of Light said I have to keep it on for a long time. They are not sure yet if I can ever see out of it right again, but they are hopeful. Well, they are the healers.

While I am healing up, I have started to learn to read and write my letters in classes with the children at the orphanage. I am staying here because they want me close by and the ladies always need help with the orphans. I guess my experience taking care of the little Riggers has come in handy. Learning is hard, and I never was as clever as you. The children are nice to me and the older ones help me correct my spelling. It took five times to write this so it is almost right, but I am proud that I did it. Think of this as my Winterveil present to you. I always wanted you to be proud of me and I hope that you are.

I so love you and miss you. As always,

Your Rusteah
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Jul 04, 2014 at 09:42 AM
My Dearest Toggle,

Greetings from the Speedbarge. Another gnome rogue here at the bar helped me write this. We met during a brawl, of all things. She is a little more experienced than me and invited me along on a job. There is not much time, for we have to go on a mission up north. I have a bad feeling about this, like the times I could sense when the troggs were coming. Remember? We always got the better of them – well, mostly. But the pay is good and I need the experience.

Fezwick, one of the owners of the barge, said he would see that my letter was mailed from Therador. He can be rather short-tempered and abrupt but I think it’s partly an act. He reminds me of your poor Uncle Throttlecatch, except that he has both his legs.

I love you and miss you. As always,

Your Rusteah.
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Jun 26, 2014 at 10:04 PM
My Dearest Toggle,

I am in a place called Winterspring. The goblins built it and run it. They are not like the ones I have fought these past few months. I think they are another Company, as they call it.

I am training a tiger cub that a Night Elf gave to me. It is strange having a companion that isn’t mechanical. But I think I am getting used to it.

I must keep this short. The paladin that is helping me write this is leaving for Darnassus and then Stormwind. He says he can find Craggle easily.

I miss you.

Your Rusteah
by Rusteah Sparksoot on May 03, 2014 at 04:18 PM
My Dearest Toggle,

I am writing this from Darnassus. Or I should be more correct and say one of the patrons at the Saturday night bar here above the East Gate is writing it. She is offering to teach me to read and write Elvish if I bring her any gems that I find.

I have been coming back here between jobs because it is so pretty and so far way from the mess that the Cataclysm left on Kalmindor. Perhaps I might come back here to stay, when I get too old to do rogue work. That is, if I can get used to the smell of the Night Elves’ kimchi.

I wish you were here with me. At night there are so many stars in the sky. I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing them. They make me feel so small and lonely but also wonderful inside. I picked one of the brighter ones and named it after you. It’s sort of a way to make me feel like you’re with me. It helped a lot when I was on Bloodmyst Isle, helping a Night Elf find the remains of his family. Death doesn’t scare me, but I hate what it does when it separates us from those we that we love. I hope he will find peace.

I will send you another note soon. I hope Craggle gets this to you before the leaves fall.

Your Rusteah
by Pendie on Apr 28, 2014 at 05:49 PM
"A confessor's duty in the context of a place of worship is to listen.

We are to listen to the stories and tales of those who come to us, hearts or souls burdened with something that keeping to themselves is troubling. The most common ailment for those who confess is guilt over their actions."

I write this definition down now to remind myself why I wanted to be a confessor. To relieve others of their burdens, if only a limited way, is among the most uplifting of sensations. It cleanses the soul, and helps me feel closer to both my allies and the Light.

When I open the confessional and none arrive, I am unhappy because I can help no one who will not come to me, and I do not gain an opportunity to interact with my allies, to learn about them and who they are. The militia is filled with interesting people...but I am afraid to approach them outside of the context of the confessional. I am a pariah among gnomes, after all. I can contribute nothing meaningful to their lives.

It is cowardice, plain and simple. To hope that they come to me is to hope that they are burdened, the height of selfishness. I do not deserve the allies I have.

Yet...for my failings, they accept me.

I must find a way to repay the militia for their kindness. But how?
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Apr 21, 2014 at 08:07 PM
My Dearest Toggle;

This letter is from the the Dranei city. The innkeeper here offered to help me write this.

I was going to take a gryphon to Lor'Danel for a job, but I got talked into coming here to by a Dwarf hunter I met. You know how I can't resist a guy with red hair...

Anyway, Azuremyst Island is a strange place and an unsettling one. I was forced to do my first real kill yesterday. Yes, "kill" because troggs don't count. He was a Blood Elf, on one of the beaches. You know how I was always so proud back in Gnomeregan about not having to use my knife unless I had to.

Well, I had to.

I have his headscarf tied around my arm to remind me. I tried to wear it, but it felt strange. I keep seeing his face – he was so pretty, in that other-worldish elf-way. It was like killing a beautiful but deadly flower. The innkeeper says I should go talk about it to one of his people, over in the pavilion. Perhaps I will, especially if I can't sleep. But I would rather talk to you instead. How I wish I could!

I hope Craggle will get this in the mail and get it to the stone soon. He can be so absent-minded.

Your Rusteah
by Pendie on Apr 14, 2014 at 06:20 PM
Another two weeks past, and another two weeks eventful happenings.

My confessionals were slow, which was to be expected. More interesting was the field testing of boots for hampering accidental trodding on gnomes. It is likely that my position there as an emergency mender was superfluous, given Pippanelle's presence. Still, it was interesting to watch.

I must say that this Alldion and his friends were very patient sorts, and courageous given the nature of testing gnomish engineering. While it is not goblin claptrappery it remains that the testing phase is fraught with explosive results. Even if I lack the acumen my people seem to have a predilection for I know this.

I have asked more than one druid about the dreams. They have told me that it does not relate to the emerald realm that they claim we touch when we sleep.

This is troubling. If those considered the foremost experts on dreams cannot tell me anything, who can?
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Apr 03, 2014 at 07:47 PM
My Dearest Toggle;

I feel bad for being away for so long. One thing always seems to lead to another and there is always work for a willing rogue.

Yes, my Dear – I became what you always joked that I would become. I really tried being just a leather worker as I always said would, but sitting in a stuffy shop or worse, a tannery, just didn't seem appealing the more I considered it. You were always so much wiser than me. Or maybe you just had a better understanding of things. From what those who have been willing to talk to me, you did well for yourself. Who knows what you would have become if... well, I will leave it there.

I don’t think I was meant to do anything but be a rogue. It wasn’t like the Riggers were ever a font of magicians and warlocks, and I was never good or strong enough to be a warrior.

It is time for me to leave, my love. Craggle's hand is getting tired and I have been offered work again, across the sea, in Kalimdor. Like I said, there is always work for a rogue. Remember that I love you and miss you.

Your Rusteah
by Pendie on Mar 29, 2014 at 05:55 AM
I cannot sleep.

It is no departure from the norm, I suppose. The dreams never stop. But this is the first night I haven't had something to occupy me while I whiled away the quiet hours.

I missed opening my confessional two weeks running now. It would laughable if it did not break my heart to admit it. Being on an trip is no excuse. I should not have gone to start with. But to leave my business undone, my research unfinished...unconscionable.

I need to be there. What if gnomes need someone to talk to and I am not there? What if they don't and I am deluding myself?

I achieve nothing by fighting myself, and yet there's a certain kind of absolution from it. Penitence? I am not certain. Can misgivings even count as such?

Who does a confessor confess to? I wonder.

Go, go, go, until you drop. Would that I had the energy the others have.
by Pendie on Mar 14, 2014 at 11:25 PM
I have been told by a dear friend that keeping a journal helps to keep things in perspective; allow us to review our thoughts at a later time after we have the benefit of hindsight.

I wonder why that is. I suppose I will find out. It makes sense, in a way. It's not as though you can corrupt a thought process already inked into paper. Although, I suppose a magician could, if they were so inclined. Perhaps it's difficult, if it can be done.

I'm getting away from myself. But, I am afraid that I have precious little to report.

Confessional was slow. Only the one speaker. It's to be expected. My people aren't religious as a rule. I'm an outlier, statistically. Even so, it is disheartening. I don't expect to have lines of people waiting to be heard. It would be the height of arrogance and unrealistic, to boot. Where would one find all the hours in the day to hear out so many people?

Perhaps I could also take it as a sign that my companions and comrades are mostly at peace with themselves. Or perhaps they see no point in confiding in me, a relative stranger (and a strange individual, from their perspective, to boot).

I shouldn't have such a grim outlook. It's not proper for a confessor.

I was asked to join an expedition to New Hearthglen by a paladin named Pierce. I respect his courage, and I do want to see Hearthglen...but I fear I will not have the time. There are things to which I must attend. I will expound on them next time...assuming they work as planned.
by Rusteah Sparksoot on Mar 01, 2014 at 06:52 PM
My Dearest Toggle;

There’s so much I want to say to you and so little time to say it. That, and Craggle said he’s got to get back to his toy-selling and make some money. Yes, I still haven’t learned my letters. Some day, perhaps.

It was hard finding out where you’d gone after I lost your trail at Tinkertown. No one wanted to tell me, except that you’d gone on to Stormwind. But Craggle finally gave in, and told me where to ask.

One of the librarians at Stormwind Keep helped me by looking up some records and we saw where you'd gone. In a way, I’m so proud of you. You did become a warrior and an armorer. And a member of the Guard, no less. I remember all those times we talked about what we’d do if we ever made it Above. But I’m sad too, because, you know…

I wish we could have left together. From the depths, I mean. I’m not ready to make that other trip . Not just yet.

There’s so much more to I want tell you now that I’ve found out where you are. But the bell for the ship to Kalimdor just rang and I haven’t got much time and it is starting to rain. The guard says not to worry, my note will be safe here.

I've missed you so much. I’ll write again when I return at the end of Summer. I mean, Craggle will write. I just tell him what I want to say.

Your Rusteah
by Jincs Flashfuse on Nov 13, 2013 at 03:20 PM
Yet again an unmitigated disaster has befallen me. I've failed in my latest attempt at a self-replicating Cog factory, (Just think of the applications, not only can it produce any model of cog, but it can also reproduce itself! The bounty of such a discovery would be incalculable!) Not only have I failed, but I've done so in quite spectacular a fashion.

I had just finished a miniature proto-type in the comfort of my own home, and after a semi-successful test run I made a few minor adjustments and turned on this modern marvel. Cogs were being produce in a myriad mix of sprocket-count, cog-width, and cog-spin! I was so encouraged I decided to initiate the replication function of this ingenious masterpiece. Unfortunately, I must have miscalculated the stress-factor that would be experienced by this small-structure's framing (copper bolts in hindsight though affordable were likely not the best choice...). Inside my little factory I could hear the engineering wizardry occurring, and then something unfortunate begin to occur. Even as more raw materials were being fed in to my miniature miracle, nothing was coming out. (Perhaps a larger exit port is required on the hind end of this device..) As I watched this fabulous little factory began to swell to dimensions never imagined in my sketches, and drafts.

It was at this point I noticed that the more unstable portions of the new factory's reactor were being fed into this growing disaster. It occurred to me that I had moments to vacate my home if I wished to continue my existence upon Azeroth. As I fled my comfortable abode I had time for one last thought before the impending explosion hurled me into a near-by bank of snow. Next time, I would get it right!
by Fixton on May 08, 2013 at 04:48 PM
The Private Journals of Gilliam Gloomspanner, Vol. 8, Years 400-

Entry 56

Lenora, I've done it! The interview process was surprisingly lengthy, but I've joined Gnomeregan Forever and can keep a close watch on our son! I still dread the day if he ever finds out I'm his father. You know better than I that I was not a very good one. But, at least I'll be able to see his deeds and be proud of his success, even if only inwardly.

by Fixton on May 08, 2013 at 03:10 PM
The Private Journals of Gilliam Gloomspanner, Vol. 8, Years 400-

Entry 49

I arrived at Ironforge early this morning. Private inquiries through sources that enjoy their privacy (so they will respect mine) revealed only location he's known to visit regularly. The name indicated it was a gnomish hang out in Ironforge. I arrived in front of the little red door decorated with bronze gears. I opened the door and stepped inside. There seemed to be no one around, so I picked a seat in a dark corner with a good view of the door and waited.

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, a young female gnome stepped out of one of the back rooms. She had pigtails and some rather large glasses on. She apologized for not hearing my entry into the cafe, muttered something about normally by invitation only and handed me a menu, as I was unfamiliar with their cuisine. About that time, a couple more gnomes came into the cafe. One of them had a purple hat on and the other while the other had some sort of purplish semi-facemask thing on. The hostess gave me a little curtsey as she said that she'd be back in a moment and hurried off to greet the other gnomes. From the joyous greeting, I could tell that these two were regulars. At last, a chance to get some information.

While keeping a straight face, I was inwardly gleeful as they were led to a table next to mine. Normally, I'd be upset by this with so many open tables in the cafe...but, I was anxious to possibly over hear their conversation, and maybe interject a couple questions of my own.

I had just ordered my food when I heard the one with the purple hat ask the other how the new recruits were doing. I overheard a quick exclamation about needing a bigger training budget. But, then I heard her say that there was a promising death knight named Fixton.

I jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. I must've looked quite the fool. But, it didn't matter, I had to get out of there. I ran through the door so quickly, that I nearly tripped down the small set of stairs. Instead, I ran into a black robed clad gnome with a dark hood on. In the awkward position I was in, I looked up into the hood and saw two glowing eyes looking back at me.

He removed his hood, and helped me to my feet, apologized for getting in my way then moved around me. I could only stand there in complete shock...the gnome was unmistakable. My son was a death knight!
by Command Master Chief RumbleCoggle on May 07, 2013 at 07:54 PM
To: G4 Command
<Priority 1 Warning>

Be advised of unlawful activity conducted by operatives of <Fancy Men of Stormwind>. Our own covert Horde agent indirectly came into contact and identified one human male who, actual method still under investigation, is able to intercept auction house items in Gadgetzan. For now all support to this agent must be suspended.

Command Master Chief RumbleCoggle
G4 Special Operations

<Nothing Follows>