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PvE Discussions

[Pinned] Siosil's Guide to Gnomish Hunter Pets!

To celebrate the upcoming release of hunters, I'm making this guide to potential Gnomish pets! If any new models or species are added that may be of interest to gnomes, I will update the post! :D Pet Basics For players who have never played a hunt...
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General Discussions

[Pinned] Introduction Thread

Felt this was a good place to introduce myself, if anyone else wants to do the same, feel free. My name is Chad, I am 31 years old and I live in Oregon. Started playing pen and paper roleplaying games in high school and was bitten by the bug. W...
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PvE Discussions

[Pinned] Links, Guides, and Knowledge Locations for all Gnomes!

Here is an updated list of resources for Legion and beyond!Gnome Discord: of these sites have excellent class guides. This should be your fi...
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For Applicants and New Members

[Pinned] Guild Rules and Guidelines

We dont have many Rules in G4. We like it that way. But the few we have, we're pretty keen on. All current and prospective members are expected to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and agree to them as a condition of membership. 1. Bliz...
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For Applicants and New Members

[Pinned] Tell Me About Raiding and PvE in G4!

We love to do guild runs of 5-Gnome dungeons (Normal and Heroic), as well as Raids and test our mettle against challenging content! Nothing beats seeing a gigantic Raid Boss crash to the ground, dead at the hands of Gnomes! We also love to do Guil...
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For Applicants and New Members

[Pinned] Tell Me About PvP in G4!

We love to PvP! We love to teach the Horde to respect the power of the Little People! Whether it be in Battlegrounds, Arena, or World PvP. But PvP is just one of the things we love to do. We also love to RP, and run dungeons and raids, as well as ...
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For Applicants and New Members

[Pinned] Tell Me About RP in G4!

We love to RP! Gnome RP is a blast! But RP is just one of the things we love to do. We also love to run dungeons and raids, teach the Horde to respect the vertically challenged in PvP, as well as quest, and collect Achievements, Pets, and Mounts.S...
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For Applicants and New Members

[Pinned] Tell Me More About G4!

-=[ GNOMEREGAN FOREVER ]=- "The guild thats just your size!" Visit Us! Are you a Gnome and PROUD of it?? Then we want YOU in G4! Gnomeregan Forever is the largest and most active Gnome racial guild on Wyrmrest Acc...
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PvE Discussions

T.O.R.Q.U.E. Leveling Squad is GO!

The Official Research (and Questing, Unofficially) Expedition wants *YOU*!My Gnomes!We are about to embark on an epic, all-gnome, in-character run through the new leveling experience - featuring all of the best gnome-based content World of Warcraf...
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General Discussions

Checking In

Just a heads up, I know I have not been around for a while now. Real Life went off the rails in a big way with family issues and health reasons namely illnesses and injuries. I have been wanting to play, badly, but just not able to. I am hoping to...
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General Discussions

Gnomeregan Forever the Comic is Back!

Well, I did it. I've decide to relaunch Gnomeregan Forever the Comic Series.Here it is! I hope you all enjoy it., you may ask. Well, I missed the more personal style of the comic. The T...
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PvE Discussions

Pre- and Post-7.3.5 Leveling Groups Forming!

M'Gnomes!Several of us (myself, Blissy, Grimie, Shield, and others) have been chatting about putting together two leveling groups to run 1-110 together. Here's our initial idea:The first group would be pre-7.3.5 (before the new scaled leveling ex...
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Off-Topic Discussions

(PTR) More Facial Customization Options Coming?

You know, I'm a software developer and a pretty strenuous tester. Among my colleagues, there's an old jest that I'm sure many people outside our field have heard by now: "Oh that's not a bug, that's a feature!"I think someone may have just report...
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PvP Discussions

Gnomish Warfont PVP December 14, 2017

I recorded the Eye of the Storm Gravity Lapse brawls we did. First time recording in a while so I screwed up the sound: only game sounds and my mic were captured. I'll do better next time!
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PvP Discussions

For the Alliance. BBKing and A Caroling We Will Go

Hello Gnomies!!GeeGee will be hosting a triple deal on Saturday December 23, 2017!! Come PvP with us and get your achievements. The event happens at 1:00 pm server. All gnomes are welcome to attend!
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PvE Discussions

PTR Level Scaling Report - Death Knight Starting Experience

You can read the thread I added onto here, but I've copy/pasted my findings below for those that don't want to read the rest of the thread:I just ran two speed runs of the Death Knight starting experience - one on the live servers and one on the P...
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General Discussions

The New Adventures of Trigonometry

Proudly presenting my newest web comic, The New Adventure of Trigonometry & Friends.Comic #1 The Choppah!
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General Discussions

Gnome of every class

So just for kicks while baking a pie for the first time in 20 years, I threw together a quick rundown of who my gnomes of every class are, including the three classes we can't yet play (please forgive the vagueness of the last listing, still worki...
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General Discussions

New Hearthstone hero options

I guess I last did serious Hearthstoning for the nifty "Gnomes" card back last December, but Blizz might lure me back, as well as squeeze 10 bucks out of me, if they give me a Warlock hero Gnome option & a new themed Warlock/Gnome card back:...
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Off-Topic Discussions

Gamifying the classroom

Hey Gnomes!I've got a minor situation that I want YOUR help with! As some of you know I am working on getting my teacher license this year and to do that I have a lot of fun assignments as well as some solo teaching! Next spring I will be doing my...
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