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#7359974 Feb 09, 2013 at 11:18 AM
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Tankspot doesn't seem to have a vid for this fight - or at least not that I could find on their site. So, here is one from Vox Immortalis:

The vid is 23 min long, but you really only need to watch the first 12 min of it as the rest is simply the fight set to music.

The strat they use for dealing with the slimes and Adherents is a good one, and we should be able to use that. There's lots of good pointers in here. Admittedly, they do discuss things that other classes can bring to the fight, but I sure we can down him.

In the event he does down, the final fight in here is Sinestra. This is going to be an interesting fight, as there is a lot going on.

Of particular note for this fight is a debuff called Wrack. It does shadow damage over time which increases every tick. If left alone, it will kill whoever Sinestra casts it on (random), but it can be dispelled. The catch is timing the dispell. When Wrack is dispelled, it will jump to 2 other players (and when dispelled from those 2, it moves to 4). When this happens, it is reset in terms of it's tick, but not it's overall duration. In the vid, they recommend dispelling it at 21, 17, and 11 seconds into the DoT. This is to prevent Wrack from stacking too high to heal through, yet maintaining a balance of....well...'playing with it' until it runs out. As we have higher health pools right now, it might not be as damaging as if it were current content. I would rather go the better safe than sorry route, so we'll stick with the 21, 17, 11 setup they use.

~ Brix
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