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#7410842 Feb 19, 2013 at 05:36 PM
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There's all these talks of raids this and raids that, etc... And that's great and all, but some of us (ok, maybe just me) has really cruddy time frames. I know there are already a few soloing people in the guild already, and it isn't really my thing.. but perhaps we could get together and compile tips and tricks to help each other out? I know I could use some pointers with Bloodboil in BT on my rogue...
#7412984 Feb 20, 2013 at 05:53 AM · Edited over 9 years ago
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I solo things occasionally with Jinky, but I've never done so with Brix - mainly because outside of mounts (like those'll EVER drop) - there's nothing in older content she wants. So...some things I learned either with Jinky, or from watching Mionelol's videos:

1. Take everything with you that you would take in a normal full raid group - food, flasks, bandages.
2. If you can get a priest buff from a helpful, handy priest, do so. They don't have to be in the group with you for that, but I'm sure you know that. Perhaps even other class buffs.
3. Research the fight. What are the debuffs you'll get? How can you get out of that debuff? Bear in mind that these fights are designed for at least 10 players. That means that for soloing, you have to emulate all 10 people mechanics-wise. You have to tank, dps, and heal all on your own. Adjust your rotation as needed to accomodate this.
4. Don't be afraid to respec. Be it one ability, or all of them. The same goes for Glyphs and enchants.
5. By the same token, don't be afraid to reforge your gear to boost a stat or two. I'm cheap, so I tend to not do this one. However, this doesn't mean you couldn't put together an armor set specifically for soloing. If you have the bag space.
6. Check Youtube for soloing fights. Occasionally, there will be some helpful nugget of info that will be worth it to you.
7. Experiment. Try something from out of left field. It might work, it might not. But at least now you know.

Those are the basics of soloing, at least from my point of view. I believe Fix does some soloing on Gloom, so perhaps he could shed some further light on it for you.

~ Brix
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I'll throw this in here just in case anyone is having problems with it.

Kael'Thas in The Eye is hard to solo for caster classes, once phase 3 hits you will be chain feared, silenced and interrupted by the 4 adds fighting you at once. Luckily there is an easy way to do this fight.

Phase 1 - Engage KT and run out of the room before the door closes behind you. KT will not reset if you fight him or his minions outside of the room. The secret to this strat is to kill his 4 adds one at a time as you backtrack towards the entrance of the raid. You can kill them one by one in this phase spacing them out throughout the entire instance.

Phase 2 - After you kill all 4 adds, run back to the room where KT is, you won't be able to get in now, but you can stand outside the doorway and wait for the weapons to come to you. Kill the weapons, you don't need to loot them.

Phase 3 - KT will resurrect the four guys from phase 1 and they will start moving towards you. This is the tricky part, if you were to fight them all at once, they would ROFLstomp most classes with chain CC, but if you spaced them out in the first phase throughout the entire raid, they should be coming at you one by one. The secret here is to kill one of them before the next one gets to you. Even if your DPS is a little low, the worst case is you might have to fight 2 guys instead of one at a time.

Phase 4,5,6 - Nothing really special here, just kill KT. If you are a hunter or a Warlock dismiss your pet so you don't glitch out the fight with a mind control.
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