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#8002783 Jun 18, 2013 at 05:08 AM
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...dealing with toxic behavior in lfr:

(Scroll down to the topic 'Toxic Behavior in Random Groups') This is the abbreviated form.

The full post is here:

I never knew such a system was in place. I'm not terribly worried about it as I try to act like a reasonable adult in a group.

How do the rest of you feel about it?

~ Brix
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#8002946 Jun 18, 2013 at 05:47 AM · Edited 9 years ago
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The system has been in place since LK, but yet behavior has gotten worse sense then, despite the tweaks. It all just boils down to accountability, and there are too many people who don't care enough to stop themselves. Buy toxic behavior isn't the same as harassment, and it shouldn't be policed by blizzard. Toxic behavior had always, and should, be part of the social aspect, namely their reputation and the reps of their guild/server. But once again, too many people don't care, so nothing is ever done.

I think we, not us in G4 but the whole wow gaming community, need to stop treating people off out servers as non-people, and not be afraid of speaking out against toxic people, to their gl or their server in general. The LF(Content) has made it a lot easier to play without friends, but that doesn't mean they can't put in a part of the system that will make performance more transparent.

Oh, and head desk on the warlock changes. Put a damage component to MF? How is that better than a passive area increase? And kjc 10/60 vs 15/90? Not better. So maybe, with the little development energy in both these areas, they're designing something really great for us...!
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