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#8834013 Dec 12, 2013 at 10:15 AM
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PvP night last night was a lot of fun.  After gathering in Shattrath it was off to Nagrand for dueling. We battled on one of the floating islands high in the air, and saw some very impressi fighting.  One of the best duels of the night was fought between Lugha, and Tridyna.  The battle went on so long it had to be called a draw with neither party gaining the upper hand.  Eventually Lugha became the last nights champion after defeating Winkia in the final official Duel.  After the Dueling it was decided that we would retake a recently lost Halaa.  There was a Single troll hunter in the Town, and unluckily for him he was unprepared for the fury of 6 bloodthirsty gnomes as we blew through the town quickly dispatching him and all of the Guards. After much Celebration the town was taken, and we began dueling each other in the streets for fun.

It was fun to watch the evolution of duels throughout the night.  In the beginning it seemed like a lot of battles were being quickly decided one way or the other, but by the end of the evening after we had taken Halaa, and begin dueling in the streets I noticed that often there were no clear cut victors both contestants health dropping extremely low before one finally was defeated by another.  There was a lot of improvements and some fairly impressive displays. Winkia is becoming a force to be reckoned with very quickly compared to our last dueling night, Tridyna has shown just how unkillable a PvP geared tank can be, and Gizmoto displayed incredible damage with a minimum of PvP gear. (My health ran away screaming.) Overall, it was a great time, and hopefully we continue to see some new faces.  

Next week will again be a night of Battlegrounds, and it is possible we may even make a Foray or two into an Arena battle to highlight some of the differences between Battlegrounds and Arenas.  See you all next week!
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