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Hi all,

Just a small rough draft sample of the writings I'm working on; a work in progress that I thought I'd share. This story piece leads to the creation of a new world in which many of my short stories will take place in. Basically, it is what inspired the stories I'm currently working on that are not about WoW but about their own world.

A Tobi Sparkes Short Story

Tobi Sparkes froze in place, taking in her strange new surroundings. She knew that she shouldn't have gone through it, but curiosity fiercely sparked in her causing her to step through the shimmering experimental portal. Drawn in by the images of the large stone walls embedded with window-like panes displaying the inner workings of gears, cogs, and transparent pipes flowing with glowing light blue liquids.

She knew it in her cogs that the portal she created led not to a city of Azeroth as planned, but an entirely different world.

For years she had been working on a new engineering project she named Clankportal. An endeavor that tested not only the limits of her intellect but her mastery of both engineering and blacksmithing; skills which she used to create new manafusal powered mechanisms.

The day of testing had finally arrived. All that hard physical and intellectual work had finally come to fruition. Work that had greatly piqued the interest of the other industrious gnomes that often went past her workshop; a workshop singing with whirs, clinks, and clanks.

With a thudding heart and an unbendable will, Tobi pulled the lever.

The Clankportal sprang to life with whirling gyrorings, whiring spincoils, clinking cogs and clanking gears. The Manafusal Piston Engine gathered in the magical energies from the newly discovered manastones and a conclave of energy began to form a shimmering gate within the large spinning gyroscopic rings.

Tobi stared intently, fixated by the formation of the shimmering portal, not noticing that the manafusal pistons had begun leaking mana energy. The strained whirs and clinks of the manafusal engine finally caught her attention, and with a YELP! of surprise she raced to the Clankportal to alleviate the energy build up.

With her trusty tool belt at hand, she quickly got to work releasing the pent up energy, and like an overflowing dam, much of the energy entered the shimmering portal allowing the portal to make a gate to a much further than planned destination. A shimmering gate that allowed her to catch glimpses of this new realm, as if viewing it through a warped and somewhat blurred mirror.

But those glimpses were more than enough to draw her in as she grabbed her cog shield off the work table and proceeded to enter the portal, a choice that would have life altering changes for not only her but for all of Azeroth...

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(just finished a Lil bit more of the story)

Tobi took in her surroundings; on both sides of her stood window paned stone walls standing over 15 feet in height with mechanical workings within. The ground was a pathway of riverbed hued paved stones overgrown with grass and the occasional small plants. The walled pathway seemed to lead to a T section about 50 yards or so in front of her. Behind her was difficult to tell due to the shimmering Clankportal blocking a good section of her view.

A loud yowl echoed off the walls, it seemed to have come from in front of her causing her heavy leather gloved hands to reach for her work hammer and cog shield. She stared back into the Clankportal, torn between her desire to stay and explore the knowledge of this strange new world or to head back and return with a full gnomish exploration team, but she feared the portal would close and she wouldn't be able to return.

“Clanks and cogs,” she whispered to herself. “I just can't...”

The yowl sounded again, much much closer and seemed angry. Suddenly, a mammoth sized beast with feline grace pounced into her pathway at the T section. It began to stalk towards her, its 3 tails swinging side to side in anticipation of a new meal.

Now just 30 yards away she had no doubt that it could easily pounce on her.

Tobi was a bit taken aback by the cunning within its cat-like eyes; Eyes set in a wicked humanoid-like face. The beast carried the scent of a forest on its plant flesh. Its teeth looked of sharp ebony thorns. And the claws were as large as daggers. The beast crouched but did not attack. Its eyes seemed to look between her and the shimmering Clankportal behind her... it was wary of the unknown.

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Tobi knew time was running out, soon the beast would grow brave and attack.

Tobi turned and was about to jump into the Clankportal when a huge beam of bluish-white light shot down from the sky and surrounded the portal. She quickly glanced back at the beast, it seemed to have retreated back to the T intersection. Whatever this beam of light was the beast seemed to want no part of it which didn't bode well for her.

Now Tobi was a gnomish engineer of no small measure and had done many a projects in which she had to use a multi-spectrum scanner and from the way the light was moving around the Clankportal she would bet her life that it was scanning her way home... which meant something or someone intelligent was doing this.

Minutes later the scan stopped and the air filled with the whirs of small mechanical orbs. 7 of them appeared out of the sky and flew into the Clankportal, straight into her lab. Moments later 7 small beams of light came streaming out of the Clankportal and shot straight up into the sky to only cogs knew where. All the while Tobi stood there unsure what to do, only knowing in her bones that something other than the beast had its eyes on her.

“My what an inquisitive little creature you are, very much like one of those of my own make.”

The voice startled Tobi, she gave a little hop back and raised her cog shield. Her actions were greeted with a soft melody of laughter from whoever was speaking to her and from wherever. The voice seemed to be laced with foxmirth and everyone knew what that meant... someone that liked playing games, very much the jester of the group. Not that games were bad, mind you, pointless but not bad on the whole. Problem was that some games were dangerous and even deadly.

“Hello. Umm... whoever and wherever you are. My name is Tobi Sparkes and whom might you be.” Tobi asked facing the sky.

“Oh but you are an adorable little creature...”

“... gnome... I'm a gnome...”

“...and such polite manners. I do so like what I have learned about you so far. You'd be such a wonderful little addition to my world, that is if this world approves of you...”

Another beam of light shot down from the sky trapping Tobi like a lightbug in a jar for study.

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Tobi felt the sensation of small bursts of prickly electricity on her skin but the scanning light did not hurt. Whoever was doing this appeared to know how to do so without pain which was a relief. Still, she wondered if there would be any side effects or hidden repercussions later.

Plop! One moment she was standing up gazing at the lights and the next she found herself flat on her back with a whirring pain in her chest.

“I'm so sorry about this,” the voice said with great concern. “But it seems your core is out of adjustment to our world so it must be retrofitted so that you may live both here and in your world. I promise I wouldn't put you through this otherwise.”

Tears of pain flowed down the side of Tobi's face. She focused her mind away from the pain and onto her wonderful workshop at home, on the whirring of gyrorings, clinking of pistons, clanking of mecha-creations. Anything but the great ball of pain tightly winding like an overburden springcoil within.

“We're almost done my child, soon... soon...”

Leathered gloved hands desperately clawed the ground beneath them, her face tightened with lines of pain, and her eyes looked up to see a small orb of copper, silver and bluish light float down from the sky, drifting into her chest and washing the pain away.

Tobi felt something fundamentally change within her core. Unsure of what but she knew something different fueled her now.
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The voice waited patiently for Tobi to gather herself. If the voice had a face Tobi pictured it smiling down on her, eyes brimming with excitement like that of a gnome child on Winter Veil day ready to play with the new mechanical toys.

“Now my new Gnomish Contestant let me introduce you to your new home!” The voice could barely contain its jubilation.

“What?! New home, I'm sorry but....” Tobi began to say.

But even as Tobi spoke 7 flashes of light disappeared into the Clankportal and then with a pop and a twist of shimmering light the Clankportal grew smaller and smaller until all that was left was a small oblong stone of light. Tobi stood there stunned.

“As I was saying, Welcome to the Game World of Abrynth! I am this world's maker, the Goddess Lokaini and you are this world's first gnome contestant. Oh, how I do love adding new contestants into our World.” Lokaini paused as she noticed a tear streaking down Tobi's face as she mumbled about never being able to go home and being trapped.
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The Clankportal stone gently glided in the air over to Tobi prompting her to reach out to it. “Worry not Tobi, as I said, the power adjustments I made to your core allows you to live in this world and your own. As such I wouldn't dream of not giving you a way to travel to and from said world.” Relief flooded through Tobi as she now began to look at the stone in her hands with inquisitive eyes.

“The stone you hold in your hands is a Port Stone, I guess in your case you can call it a Clankportal Stone,” Lokaini said with an accompaniment of soft laughter. “That Clankportal stone and your 'calling' will be part of your beginning adventure within Abrynth.”

“You mean quests? I'm to do quests here.” Tobi asked.

“Of a sort, You are about to embark on a journey which only the chosen may participate in, those with compatible cores. A journey that will lead to undiscovered knowledge, magical clankwerks, powerful weapons, and new beings found only in a world belonging to the Fae Realms; and Abrynth is such a world... but be warned, great danger lurks within our many labyrinthine walls so be sure to only explore new sections of Abrynth when you are strong of body, mind, and will.”

“Danger like that huge yowling plant beast that seemed eager to eat me?” Tobi knowingly asked.

“Indeed, you ported into a section of Abrynth designed for Rank 5 or higher Contestants. Luckily one of my Projector Clankers contacted me on my emergency communication orb...”

“Projection Clankers? What exactly is a Projection Clanker?”
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“Hmm... quick and to the point history lesson, so listen up and pay attention. I was a being of Fae origin whose power allowed me to transcend the bonds of mere mortals and become a demi-god in the Faewyld. After many eons as such, the Gods and Goddesses of the Fae Realms tired of their bouts of boredom and as such chose me to ascend. As such each of them blessed me with a bit of power and molded me into the Goddess Lokaini, the goddess of games and entertainment.”

“After spending several centuries visiting many realms I returned to build the evershifting labyrinthine game world of Abrynth. The world in which I have the final say so that none of the Gods and Goddesses could interfere with. Well, at least not directly... but I deviate from the topic at hand."

"I then invited the Fae races into the world so that they could build towns, cities, and fill the world with Contestants. As such not all beings that live here participate in the games; some are artisans, some merchants, some farmers, some are guild masters, all manner of professions but many of them depend on the Contestants to go out into the world and bring back all manner of valuable items and materiels.”

“As such I filled the world with creatures and creations from the Fae Realms, as well as many of my own make to provide challenges for the Contestants. This leads to many entertaining conflicts which are captured and projected into holographic devices for the Gods and Goddesses to view and make bets on. They do love their wagers. And its my Clankers that do so, as well as others that repair any damage to the world. But worry not, they do not harm the beings in this world so just think of them as moving parts of the world around you.”
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Tobi was about to ask another in a long line of questions but Lokaini was ready to get her new Contestant going. A new small ball sized clankwerk creation flew down to greet Tobi.

Tobi's face lit up as she took in the sight of the mechanical creation; colorful stain glass wings of forest greens, golds, and river blues gave it flight. Its lithe humanoid shaped copper-hued metal body was decorated in fiery-hued tattoo like runes. Its long fiery fox tail seemed to help it keep balance in flight. And while the face was soft and elfin looking the ears were clearly canine shaped. Her long curly fire toned hair went perfectly with her soft emerald eyes. Such beautiful and intricate work as this must have been created by a master engineer and metalsmith. Tobi simply wanted to hold the little creation and never let go.

“hello.” a voice of clinking glass greeted Tobi.

Tobi's eyes danced with excitement and her heart burst with joy as her gnomish body shook and her hands clenched the sides of her leather work pants.

“Tobi this is Kiree. Kiree is a Nixiclink. She was created out of living metal so yes, she is very much alive and has a soul and will of her own. She is also one of my followers, a priestess if you will and my emblem on her arm shows her status within my hierarchy. The emblem also puts her under my protection. Her job will be to aid you with information until you reach a ranking of 2 within Abrynth. In no way will she aid in your battles of body, but she may give you nuggets of insight.”

“This is the first gift I give... well... lend to my Contestants.” Lokaini told Tobi.
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