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#12538558 Jul 12, 2016 at 04:50 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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I found macros hard to learn. Here are some basic macros guaranteed to work. Usefull and easy for learning.

Why Make Macros?
- makes repetitive tasks much quicker and easier.
- much faster than typing stuff into the chat box.
- speeds up your game play.
- helps prevent silly mistakes. (bundled instructions, with no typos)
- gives you access to some functions you otherwise can't do.
- some addons will do similar things, but macros allow you to do quick & dirty things

Also macros are saved with your character on Blizzard's server, unlike addons that are on your local PC. If you switch between computers frequently macros are good for basic essentials that you rely on.

There are lots of fancy-dancy macros that you can make. I am posting some general basics that I couldn't live without. And this might help a beginner get the hang of it.

You can tailor the specifics to meet your needs.

1) Macro Name: "Salute"
You make this macro then drag-and-drop the icon onto one of your toolbars. Makes for quick and easy pleasantries between players.

You can also make other similar macros for your toolbar.



2) Macro Name: "Yahoo"
This is also a good macro for your toolbar. A handy way to quickly show your excitement.

The /cleartarget and /clearfocus ensures your excitement to be general, and not accidently directed towards the last weirdo you clicked on.



3) Macro Name: "Say Stuff"
If you have a lot to say and want it to come out nice without typos you can use a macro. It also allows you to say it rapidly on-demand without mistakes if you have your message pre-prepared.

This is just a silly example. Use this macro over-and over just editing the content to say whatever you want. Basically a scratch pad macro for preparing stuff to say.

line 1 - An emote line of text. It will show up in the chat box as "Pepperpants scratches her butt..."
line 2 - Words that Pepperpants says out load in general chat.

/e scratches her butt while she notices the Lich King walk in the tavern.
/say Hello Mr Lich King! Having a great day today?


4) Macro Name: "Coord"
Make your macro and copy/paste this into it. This will display your current world coordinate X/Y position on your screen, top left corner.

Don't try understanding this macro, just copy it.

/run local p,f,x,y="player",MyL or CreateFrame("Frame","MyL",PlayerFrame) f.t=0 f:SetScript("OnUpdate",function(s,e) f.t=f.t+e if f.t>.25 then f.t=0 x,y=GetPlayerMapPosition(p) PlayerName:SetText(format("%s (%d,%d)",UnitName(p),x*100,y*100)) end end)

5) Macro Name: "Dismiss Pet"

- Handy for entering a city.
- It doesn't matter your class or whatever pets you have equiped, this dismisses them all. Include all three lines in your macro.

line 1 - dismiss noncombat pet
line 2 - dismiss hunter battle pet
line 3 - dismiss warlock battle pet (demon)

/cast dismiss pet
/script PetDismiss()

6) Macro Name: "Mount1"

/cast [nomounted] Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

7) Macro Name: "Mount2"

/cast [nomounted] Black Riding Goat

8) Macro Name: "Dismount"
Notice I have the mage spell Slow Fall included. That's cause I got a mage.
It doesn't matter if you keep that spell in the macro. If you are running a Warrior it just won't do anything.

/target [@Player]
/cast Slow Fall

9) Macro Name: "Rapid Battle Mod"

This is for doing everything I need if I am suddenly attacked. Basically a "Panic Mode" macro.
line 1 - gets my name off the screen. stupid clutter.
line 2 - sets my action bar for battle (bottom left action bar). This only contains battle specific stuff.
line 3 - gets me off my mount
line 4 - equip my battle gear (most important!)
line 5 - don't show my helm
line 6 - mage specific shield spell.

/run SetCVar("UnitNameOwn", 0)
/changeactionbar 1
/equipset Battle Gear
/run ShowHelm(false)
/cast ice barrier


10) Macro Name: "Keybindings"
Ok, this is a bit more advanced, but this is the icing on the cake.

This macro is fantastic because it shows how to assign macros to keys. No more mouse clicking!
For example pressing F5 gets me on my mount. F8 dismounts me.

I place my keybinding macros in the General Macros tab. Character specific macros like "Mount1", "Mount2", I place in my character macro tab so each character can have unique mounts asigned to the function keys.

Run this once and your macros are assigned.
If you have lots of macros to bind to keys then have multiple macros called Keybindings1, Keybindings2, etc.

FYI the line /script StoreMicroButton:Disable() gets rid of the ingame store icon. I don't like it.

The last line /SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet()) only needs to be in your last macro.

/run SetBindingMacro("F5", "Mount1")
/run SetBindingMacro("F6", "Mount2")
/run SetBindingMacro("F7", "Mount3")
/run SetBindingMacro("F9", "Dismiss Pet")
/run SetBindingMacro("p", "Rapid Battle Mod")
/run SetBindingMacro("F8", "Dismount")
/script StoreMicroButton:Disable()

For example, I also have...

/run SetBindingMacro("t", "Spell Key t")
/run SetBindingMacro("f", "Spell Key f")
/run SetBindingMacro("q", "Spell Key q")


#12538608 Jul 12, 2016 at 05:16 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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Okay, now we get into the good stuff...

Why these macros?
Ans: in the interest of laziness, the following macros are awesome.

Macro Name: "Fishing"

line 1 - show my fishing hat
line 2 - equip my fishing stuff, saved as an equipment set.
line 3 - change my bottom left action bar to where my misc profession stuff is.
line 4 - run the macro that assigns the casting of my fishing pole to a mouse button.

This allows me to be a lazy fisherman.

/run ShowHelm()
/equipset Fishing Gear
/changeactionbar 4
/run SetBindingMacro("+", "Mouse btn cast")

Macro Name: "Mouse btn cast"
/cast fishing

I have a mouse with a programmable button. So I programmed the mouse button to send the letter "+" every time I press it.

This mouse button becomes a general purpose button:
- when in battle it casts a spell
- when fishing it casts my line
- when surveying it does the survey (/cast survey)

If you don't have a programmable mouse it doesn't matter. Choose whatever key you like for casting your fishing pole. Don't use a letter commonly used for other stuff though (m=map, c=character, etc.)

ex: /run SetBindingMacro("b", "Mouse btn cast")
Now pressing "b" will cast your fishing pole.

Macro Name: "Archeology"

Similar to my fishing macro, but I don't change my tool bar or gear. Staying ready for battle and ability to quickly cast damage spells is handy when doing archeology.

/run SetBindingMacro("+", "Mouse btn survey")

Macro Name: "Mouse btn survey"
/cast survey

#12539849 Jul 13, 2016 at 06:50 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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Tips for Making Macros:

1) Test Your Macros
- You gotta test them to make sure they work as desired.
- Test them away from others. Definitely away from the city. Otherwise you might look like an idiot broadcasting stupid stuff on a chat channel.
- Macros not intended to /say stuff on the chat channel still might if you make a typo. A misspelt /cast can inadvertently say something in chat.

2) Testing Battle Macros
- Test on practice dummies.
- Yes, you will need to test these in populated areas. Cities like Stormwind have practice dummies.
- Keep an eye on the chat channel to make sure you aren't broadcasting something by accident.

3) If the Macro Doesn't Work
- Assume you made a typo. You probably did.
- It can be hard to spot a typo in the WoW macro editor. Try deleting the commands and re-entering them.
- Copy/paste is a good method for creating fancy macros.
- It won't allow you to cast two damage spells from the same macro. This prevents someone from having a macro that runs an entire rotation of battle spells.

#12541484 Jul 13, 2016 at 05:38 PM
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Macros are super helpful. Here is a link to Wowpedia's Macro Category. You can find links to macro conditionals as well as examples of macros that are useful for various classes. Nice posts, Pepper!! :)

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#12550318 Jul 16, 2016 at 10:50 PM
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Thank you Pepper! I can't wait to become a lazy Fisherwoman :D
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#12643776 Aug 21, 2016 at 06:15 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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Aha! I figured out a macro that removes most of the standard UI graphics from your screen but leaves the chat box. This is really nice for events like Guild Meetings where you really don't need to see your menus, mini-map, quests, raid members, etc. It clears the visual clutter.

Add these lines to your Keybindings macro (described above).
This allows you to toggle graphics on/off.
Select whatever two keyboard buttons you want to Hide/Show UI graphics.
(I used the "-" and "=" keys because they are out of the way, not pressed by accident)
*Important* - Because you need a method for re-enabling your menus.

/run SetBindingMacro("-", "GraphicsHide")
/run SetBindingMacro("=", "GraphicsShow")

Macro Name: "GraphicsHide"

/run MainMenuBar:Hide()
/run local m=MinimapCluster m:Hide()
/run ObjectiveTrackerFrame:Hide()
/run CompactRaidFrameManager:Hide()
/run BuffFrame:Hide()
/run PlayerFrame:Hide()

Macro Name: "GraphicsShow"

/run MainMenuBar:Show()
/run local m=MinimapCluster m:Show()
/run ObjectiveTrackerFrame:Show()
/run CompactRaidFrameManager:Show()
/run BuffFrame:Show()
/run PlayerFrame:Show()
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