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Health - If youre planning to pull an all-nighter you might want to start hydrating now. Remember your body is made mostly if WATER not Red Bull. Energy drinks tend to be very unhealthy, so if youre going to drink them, do so in moderation.

Moderation - While its tempting to blast through the new content as fast as possible to be the first to see and get the cool new stuff, remember that its going to be 2018 before we see another expansion. Take the time to Explore, and Appreciate. Save some fun for later or youre gonna be a seriously bored Gnome a month or two from now.

Patience - Its odds on there will be lengthy login queues, possibly DDoS attacks, and swarms of players in the Broken Isles and Demon Hunter starting areas. Take deep breaths. Be patient. Team up with people who are doing the same quests as you. You'll be way ahead, and have a better time.

Alts - If youre not racing for Realm Firsts, consider logging all your alts and parking them somewhere to get their Rested XP bars filling again while you assault the new content. That will make their level ups easier.

Professions - These will be your big money makers in Legion, so max them out NOW before you hit the Broken isles so youre ready to take advantage of the sellers market in the early weeks of the expansion.

Legacy Farming/Crafting - With new expansions come thousands of new alts. Alts which will need bags and profession mats and mog gear. You can make a ton of gold selling older stuff no one has time to farm because they are all in the Broken Isles.

Legacy Rare Spawns - While there is a mob scene in the Broken Isles, competition for rare spawns in legacy zones whether for Tames, Mounts or whatever should drop off dramatically. Swoop while youve got the field to yourself!

Class Guides - Besides the usual Icey Veins and Noxxic sites which tend to focus on max level and raiding, Blizzard Watch has a collection of Leveling and Artifact guides that may help you.

- Forbs
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Some from me (from things I have done wrong so far):

1. make sure you have gear for the spec that you are going to choose and change to that spec and equip the gear. You might not have the chance to get the gear you need out of the bank and you don't want to have to end up using heirlooms.

2. make sure your looting options for questing are set to the same as the artifact you have chosen if you want to get the artifact power thingies. I had accidently set my looting option to fury and had chosen protection (warrior) and ended up with something I won't be able to use for a long time now.

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