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#12721131 Sep 19, 2016 at 03:03 PM
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Currently the Hungry Shark spawn timer's are awful and may or may not get hotfixed. Here is a whay to have it done within 30 mins to 1 hr with a little patience.

Make a macro as such

#showtooltip insertarangedinstacastspell
/target Hungry Shark
/start attack
/cast arangedintsacastspell

(insertarangedinstacastspel & arangedintsacastspell) means anything from A Murder of Crows, Shadow Word Pain, Death Coil, etc...

anyway just move around in the crowd and just spam tab target and that macro. It will target the shark and hit it instantly if you are in range (you'll figure out the spawn points after being there fora few minutes) and you'll get credit for the kill and able to loot the shark for teeth.

The big boy shark is on a 30 min spawn timer and is spawning @ 50-55mins before the hr and @20-25 mins after the hr currently. I got my toy on the 6th or 7th kill. Just set your hearthstone to the inn in Booty Bay so you don't have to hang around there all day and can port back and forth to kill the big boy when he spawns for a chance at the toy!

Good luck mi matey's!
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