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Fellow Gnomes,

I hope you're doing well as you read this! I'm really glad to be a part of G4 again, and thank everyone who gave me a warm welcome when I was reinvited. To help people get to know me, I'm writing to introduce myself here.

I play Binkly, who grew up to work as an Electrician. Then later during Operation: Reclamation joined S.A.F.E. and qualified in contamination and decontamination, becoming an Engineering Laboratory Technician. Anything more you can read in my rp page, or learn about her in rp. Just like how I look forwards to getting to know you guys! I encourage anyone to ask me to rp. I'll probably say yes! Gnomes are so cool and fun to rp :D. Hopefully I can make max level soon and do other things with you all too.

A little about me, I'm in the Navy - and a lot of what I do relates exactly to what Binkly does! I think it's super fun when you can use your real life experience to make a believable fantasy character. Naturally though, you learn the lore on their IC trade too, and throw in some gnomish terms and practices. Fun!

Look forwards to getting to know all of you,

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Awesome! Glad to have you back!

And yes, drawing from personal experience to help augment your character's reality is a secret the best roleplayers have always known. Too many novice RP'ers try to make their heroes just like their favorite character from TV or movies, without deeply understanding what motivates those characters.

The problem with that of course is when RP deviates from the movie script, they dont quite know how their character should act. This often results in them will simply tunneling one particular emotion all the time, and their characters become very boring because they dont seem real.

So yeah, a little bit of reality can really spice up your fantasy life. =)

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"

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