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So we have a lot of new and returning raiders and I thought I'd make a post about the basics of raiding in Legion as it has changed from past expansions. I am not writing this to upset anyone or call anyone out, but to try to set up a central place to talk about how to get raid for raiding and how to get better as a raid force. The guild is doing a fantastic job progressing as a group and I hope that we continue along this path as the expansion continues.

1. Consumables: The guild provides flasks and food. For our raids it will require 3 flasks and at least 3 foods, more if you die (food, not flasks). These are available in the last tab of the guild bank. Before the raid starts grab your 3 flasks and food. Please don't take more or Tsumari will come find you. And she's a warlock...just sayin. Flasks should be used just before the first boss pull, there is no point in using them on the trash leading up to the boss and it just burns time on them.

2. Enchants and Jewels: You gear should be enchanted. Legion requires many less enchants than past expansions. Only your Jewelry and Cloak can be enchanted, so plan accordingly. If you don't know what enchants are best for your class check Icy Veins or Wowhead. Jewel slots are now random on gear, so fill those slots when you get them. If you can't afford the enchants, and the neck is ungodly expensive, use last tier's. Check with guild crafters as well. We have lots of enchanters and jewelcrafters, so ask if you need things made.

3. Strategies: Before the raid you should be watching videos or reading strat guides to the fights. Having Zoreli explain is helpful but really seeing the fight happen beforehand is the best way to know what is going to happen. There are tons of videos out there, but Fatboss or Method are the two I prefer. LFR is also a great way to practice. I know LFR usually doesn't do a proper strategy, but that doesn't mean you can't. The point is to practice what to do, not show off your leet dps to people you will never see again.

4. Utility: Interrupts, Stuns, and Defensive Cooldowns are a huge part of Legion raiding (and mythic level dungeons). Much damage is preventable in Legion. Many spells can be interrupted, and many of the ones that can't can be broken with a well timed stun. Other excellent times to stun are on adds. A stun or a slow can save a life. Another large change is the need for DPS classes to use their personal defensive cooldowns. Healers do not have the crazy overpowered heals that they have had in the past. Many times they are having to make a choice to save a tank or save a dps. If you use your cooldowns proactively it could save your life and possible a raid wipe. Use them early and often, don't save them for a moment that might never come.

5 Addons: I know a lot of people are not fans of addons, but for raiding 2 of them really are necessary. GTFO is an addon that makes a loud alarm when you are standing in things you shouldn't be. Test it out before the raid and get the sound level set properly so it doesn't scare the daylights out of you when it first goes off. Secondly is a boss mod. The two popular ones are DBM and Bigwigs. These are incredibly helpful in knowing what is going on in the fights. Frankly Blizzard expects you to be using these and is making the fights more difficult to compensate. If you aren't using one of them you are gimping yourself and hurting the raids chances at progression.

6. Attitude: Progression raiding is some of the most rewarding and frustrating content you can do in any game. It's very easy to become discouraged and to start blaming people for what is going wrong. Bring a positive attitude to the raid. We all have bad nights and can be cranky, we are human (gnome) but the more we try to be happy gnomes the better. The best thing you can do after any wipe is think about what you can be doing better in each fight. It may be more dps, it may be getting better about moving out of the bad stuff rather than finishing your cast, it may be not screwing up a taunt rotation, but there is always something "I" can do better in every raid. Also never be afraid to talk to your guildmates about your class if you see they are doing much better than you. We are all nice people and would probably love to answer any questions you have.

7. Communications: We use Discord as a guild for voice and chat communications for raids. Even if you don't want to talk it is vital to be on Discord to hear what is going on. You can use an app on your mobile device, a browser window or an app on your computer, the choice is yours, but people be in voice ready to go when we start pulling.

8. Misc: Logs and Parses can be helpful. I know a lot of people hate parses because it causes a lot of epeen issues, however they can still be useful. Every parsing addon shows more than just the dps list. They show deaths, interrupts, overheaing, dispels, buff uptimes. These are all super helpful metrics that you can look at to see how to get better. Every raid has been also getting uploaded to Warcraft Logs after each raid. The logs show pretty much everything you could want to know about the raid and your performance. Personally I check to see what I died from, what my buff uptimes are, and what kind of damage I have taken in each fight. There are metrics I want to hit and the only way to find out if that is happening is for me to look at the logs after the raid. The logs are super intimidating because of the amount of info shown in them but there are several of us who are adept and reading them who would be happy to help you out.

9. Attendance: Finally, showing up each week is helpful to the raid force overall. Face time with the bosses over and over makes the raids go much smoother. The more "regulars" we have have in the raid the faster we will progress and the smoother everything will go. We all have nights we just don't want to raid or we have family commitments and that is fine. RL is always more important than a game, but if you are really interested in progression and kicking legion tail try to show up as much as you can!

For all of you who made it this far thanks for reading and please feel free to comment and tell me I'm wrong as I often am!

Edit: GO DO MYTHICS! Mythic dungeons are a great way to practice raid style strats and mechanics. Stuns, dispels and interrupts are vital to smooth runs, as well as quickly learning how to move out of things that will kill you. Many of our raiders have not done these, but really at 830 iLevel go give them a shot. The easier ones are Maw of Souls, Nelth Lair and Eye of Azshara. Go and kill, gnomies!

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Thanks Kaelrae, theres is a lot of solid advice in that post. But for the time challenged among us:

1. Come prepared - Have the best gear, gems/chants you can lay your tiny hands on. Addons installed. Buff Food & Flasks ready, and study the fights on youtube.

2. Bring your best - Raiding is a team sport, and you are an important part of G4's team. Your teammates are counting on you to have your head in the game (and not in a television program playing in the background). Use every tool at your disposal to keep yourself and your teammates alive.

3. Have Fun - Raids are designed to be a challenge for you and your friends to overcome. They are a test of your skill, teamwork, and determination. You will not long remember the bosses, or the loot. What you will remember about your Sunday nights in G4 will be the fun fights, and the good times you had with your friends.

Keeping things in perspective is the key. We all like to play. We all like to win. But should it ever come down to a choice between losing pixelated loot, or losing a friend...make sure you know which is more important to you.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
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Yay, thank you for figuring out a TL;DR version! I wanted to add one, but didn't know how to consolidate.
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