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What night would you be interested in pvp?

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#12975661 Jan 09, 2017 at 06:43 AM
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Hi all.

GeeGee would like to add a PvP night to our guild calendar for random battlegrounds. I'd also be interested in doing sewer groups and the PvP world quests.

We can only queue as a group of five unless we move into rated. (Which I hope we do) I'm attaching a poll to see what night will work best for the majority. I will tentatively put a BG on the calendar for this Thursday at 8:00pm server time. I am excluding Monday (Tima's Tea Party), Friday (RRN) and Sunday (Raid Night!!) from the choices.

I'm not good at PvP.
Neither am I, but I have fun in a guild group.

What's in it for "me"?
An atrocious looking pet!
The possibility of ilevel 885 gear and even legendaries!!
A nice toy
More gold!!

Honor level 50, no prestige
Ugly little fella

Prestige level 2...
Presitige level 2

Now comes the good stuff:
Prestige 3 + Honor Level 50:
You know you want the mount!

Prestige 4 +50 honor levels
A title: The Honorable!

Note: Mounts and titles are subject to change with PvP seasons.

Honor ranks up to 50 award AP and gold. Honor level 50 gets you 2,000 gold!

#12982538 Jan 11, 2017 at 08:39 PM
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Best of luck with this! When I ran pvp with the guild, Happyhelper was my right hand and would take over and run the BG's since he is a Battle Master and has tons of experience.

Another person to talk to is Rusteah, super good Rogue who saved my bacon several times! Best time was against a warrior who saw a squishy little warlock and thought, "Hmm light snack!", only to get jumped and killed by a Rogue!
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