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Found this online. Has a lot of solid tips. Thought I'd put this here for easy reference.

WoW Patch 7.2 Prep
Checklist of what to do once patched day a hits

1. Pick up weekly quest in dalaran.
2. Talk to Khadgar at Krassus landing in dalaran. He will send you to the broken shore where you invade for a second time. Upon completing it you'll have unlocked the broken shore. You'll be put in deliverance point the main hub of the zone.
3. Ignore world quest, unless they are about to expire.
4. (Maybe locked for 2 weeks) Ignore any green portal icon over any of the other zones, unless it is about to expire
5. Grab every normal quest available in deliverance point. There should be 3, one Khadgar asks you to investigate the island, another one to unlock the two flight points in the zone and another one to do some base building.
6. Skip the base building and complete the flight path unlocks first.
7. Complete Khadgar quest and turn it in that deliverance point.
8. Complete quest to return to your order hall.
9. Start artifact research. You’ll be given the book that gives you a free level immediately.
10. Return to broken shore and complete the base building quest. Choose whichever one you like best but you share progress with your server so going with whatever is winning is usually going to be the best.
11. (Maybe locked for 2 weeks) Complete a legion assault quest. These are new events that pop up in the broken Isles and they're indicated by those green portal icons. Periodically areas will come under attack, this may or may not be up for you. If one is active though head on over there and upon zoning in special Legion assault world quest will pop up and you'll get a quest. Complete 4 of them. You need to complete one for each of the four zones as part of your Legion flying achievement the broken Isles Pathfinder part 2.
12. You should get a follow-up quest after, The Legion Assault, to finish a three-person scenario.
11. Complete the invasion head back to the broken shore and turn it in.
12. Complete quest that lets you unlock the new traits for your artifact weapon you do need 35 points invested already to unlock this though. If you do meet that requirement you'll be sent on a 30 minute ish quest chain. At the end of it your weapon will be empowered by the Council of the six in dalaran allowing you to invest more points into a few new traits.
13. Complete broken shore world quests as they pop up.
14. Quest to head to the new cathedral of the eternal night dungeon
15. Quest to unlock new follower for your order hall. After completing it you'll have unlocked the ability to further upgrade your class Hall traits.
16. Kill Elites for extra nether shards
17. Look for Sentinax on your map. If you head to its location and kill enemies there's a chance that you'll loot a portal stone. These are another way to farm nether shards. When you use them you'll open the portals and demons will come pouring out.
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Thanks Forbs!
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WOOHOO!! This is perfect!
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