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So just for kicks while baking a pie for the first time in 20 years, I threw together a quick rundown of who my gnomes of every class are, including the three classes we can't yet play (please forgive the vagueness of the last listing, still working on paladin ideas):

Sgt. Arlei "Two Tons" Orcbane (death knight)
Formerly Lordaeron army, "Hemrick's Gambit" special purpose company - lost in combat escorting refugees from the Scourge, raised as a death knight. Currently knight errant always seeking battles to apply "the gifts of the Scourge" to fighting enemies of mortal life.

Rizlet Blastfizzle, "The Gnome" (rogue)
Thief, spy, saboteur, forger, assassin. Often used as a freelance asset by SI:7, Gnomegean Covert Ops, and other official intelligence entities; expert at infiltration, surgical explosives, and disinformation.

Kamec Cloudshot (hunter)
Retired Kaz Modan infantry sniper currently fighting as a member of a Gnomeregan citizen militia.

Nilsbek Brightsprocket (warrior)
Siege engineer and metalurgist, rescued from depths of Gnomeregan by S.A.F.E. Nearly lost in combat in Tanaan Jungle in alternate timeline, currently doing research on behalf of a Gnomeregan citizen militia.

Gebner Deftgear (monk)
Retired prizefighter, expert on unarmed combat, master of several forms of gnomish poetry. Currently attached to a Gnomeregan citizen militia, preparing to chronical their deeds in proper gnomish epic poems.

Frizzil "Sooty" Frostfire (mage)
Physicist, arcane tinker, historian specializing in history of magic. Expert on theory of fire-based arcane magic, not so expert in application.

Kasmo (priest)
Child of Gnomeregan diplomats posted to night elf lands, practices the light magic disciplines of followers of the night elf goddess Elune.

Glibertz "the Grumpy" (warlock)
Anthropologist and archaeologist, expert on magical devices. Significant writings include a compendium of draconic devices, a compendinum of troll devices, a comparative study of martial motiffs of several cultures, and a treatise predicting the Fall of Gnomeregan and the rise of a priestly class among gnomes.

Silba "the Green" (druid)
Agronomist specializing in hostile biomes, disciple of Karnum Marshweaver and one of the first gnomes recognized by the Cenarion Circle.

Kedlat Stonespeak (shaman)
Geologist working to enlist the aid of the earth elementals in defense of gnomes.

Zadnik Lightspanner (paladin) (may need to change surname)
Something something Argent Crusade... Or maybe very clever tinker who figured out the physics of light magic...
Nilsbek Brightsprocket,
Combat Engineer
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