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You know, I'm a software developer and a pretty strenuous tester. Among my colleagues, there's an old jest that I'm sure many people outside our field have heard by now: "Oh that's not a bug, that's a feature!"

I think someone may have just reported something on the PTR bug forums that might actually hint at an upcoming feature - one that all of us might appreciate: finer control over character customization.

In this thread on the WoW PTR Bug forum a couple of players have reported strangeness in the character creation screen, the three of which I'd like to call out are:

  1. "When changing faces, the face changes, but the eye color remains static."
  2. "For male Night Elves, facial hair options '2' and '5' are missing small parts of the beard on the left side of the chin."
  3. "For Undead[...] Only the right side of the face actually displays the correct textures, while the textures for the chin and lower left side of the face (and the tongue for jawless options) are defaulting to 'Face' option '1' with no 'Features' textures."

And now I'd like to address each of these "bugs" and frame them as potential "features":

#1: Has there ever been a time in WoW when eye color was not directly tied to the face option you chose? Not that I can remember. If that's the case then why - and more to the point, how - would these things now be bugging out in this way? Perhaps Blizzard is finally decoupling face and eye color in character creation! I certainly hope so; more than once in the last 10 years I've been stymied at character creation by the choice between the perfect face and the perfect eye color...

#2: With the already announced forthcoming option to adjust the amount of slouch employed in some races*, I'm wondering if the issue being reported here is a bug in the facial hair offset, and possibly indicative of the ability to change your character's body type - not only slouched/upright, but also thinner/stouter, shorter/taller, broader/narrower, etc. One of the challenges of all of these adjustments to the character models will be ensuring that the selected facial hair is sized and repositioned to match.

(* - We know Orcs and possibly Trolls, but maybe this feature will be available to all races? How awesome would it be to create an evil gnome that was all hunched over like Gul'dan?)

#3: This one is a bit of a stretch, but what if this issue with textures only appearing on one side of the face was indicative of the future ability to customize the two sides of our character's faces independently of one another? I say this one's a stretch because there are currently a lot of facial options that simply would not match up well with other facial options - some of them mismatch so bad I'm not even sure how they could be reconciled. But I'm working with a tin foil hat here any way, so why not throw this one out there. 😉

That's all I have for now! /salute
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