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#13835447 Aug 12, 2018 at 06:18 PM
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Two things


- Jaina's arrival is simultaneously the most epic and most absurd deus ex machina I have ever seen in any entertainment media ever.

- The arrival of the Gnomish Cavalry including the High Tinker himself and a column of spidertanks - with spares for the players is a nice touch. I think we came off every bit as awesome as Aleria's tentacle squad warping in, and tore through the Forsaken forces like a proper mobile artillery should. Gnomeroar!

I have a vision I will likely never have the expertise to paint, though if I could get gnomes and proper armor for Daz Studio I could do it digitally - a full gnome army charging into battle, gnomadins in light-forged mechs, mages on discs, warriors leaping, rogues sneaking, monks and priests divided between healing squads and smacking enemy face squads, rangers sending in their P.E.T.S., death knights and warlocks setting up flanking maneuvers, druids shifting into giant bear and cat forms beside the P.E.T.S., even shaman with mechanical totems - did I miss any classes?
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