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Gnome Powah - Noun \ˈnōm-pau-ə\

1. Unit of measurement used to describe the amount of work or force which can be generated by a single Gnome. This is roughly equivalent to 2 HP or "Human Power" (where "Human" refers to any humanoid standing more than four feet tall).
Ex: "Do we have sufficient Gnome Powah for that dungeon?"

2. Common spirit shared among Gnomes which inspires enthusiasm, team work, loyalty, and pride in all things related to, or characteristic of Gnomes.
Ex: "That G4 sure has Gnome Powah!"

3. A feeling of faith or confidence in, a respect for, or a reasonable expectation of a successful outcome in any endeavor involving one or more Gnomes.
Ex: "Of course they can do it! They've got Gnome Powah."

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
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