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"The guild thats just your size!"
Visit Us!

Are you a Gnome and PROUD of it?? Then we want YOU in G4!

Gnomeregan Forever is the largest and most active Gnome racial guild on Wyrmrest Accord! We accept all Gnomes regardless of class, profession, level or character alignment. We are currently Casual RP/Socially oriented, but we are working hard to expand into all facets of the game that our members enjoy including RP, PvE, and PvP! We strive to do a little of everything well, but not get too hardcore into any one thing.

We go out of our way to help our members any way we can, whether it be bags, gear runs, profession mats, group quests, achievements etc. We have everything those Tall Guilds have without all the /Punt, including: a stylish Tabard, a well-stocked 6-Tab Guild Bank, separate IC & OOC chat channels, a spiffy lil website, many Guild Perks & Rewards, and perhaps the greatest group of Gnomish heroes ever assembled under one banner to share your adventures with!

We are actively seeking Gnomes from all walks of life. We are particularly in need of Healers, Tanks, and Creative, Industrious, and Patriotic Gnomes to help fill key positions in our Officer Corps!

Whether you like to Roleplay, PvP, run Dungeons, or simply chat with a nifty bunch of Gnomes while you explore the wondrous World of Warcraft, we have a place for YOU in G4! Come be part of the biggest "little" guild around!

Please contact us in-game for an interview. We would love to talk to you!
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