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We love to RP! Gnome RP is a blast! But RP is just one of the things we love to do. We also love to run dungeons and raids, teach the Horde to respect the vertically challenged in PvP, as well as quest, and collect Achievements, Pets, and Mounts.

Since RP is one of the things we do, but not the only thing, our RP is not as deep and immersive as you might find in a guild that focuses exclusively on RP. Our RP can best be described as "Casual". We RP a bit in the Guild Channel, and face to face when the mood is upon us. We love to attend Events in character, and IC banter in Dungeons is not uncommon. But you wont find in-depth storylines, or see us spending hours hours standing around in pubs. Thats just not our style.

We plan to make RP a larger part of what we do, and that will happen in time. Particularly if we continue to attract good Roleplayers as we have been doing lately. It should also be noted that while RP is encouraged, it is not required for membership. HOWEVER respect for roleplayers, and Blizzard's RP Realm Policy is mandatory for all members.

RP Background of the guild: We are a group of concerned Gnomes who have come together for our own reasons to help support the High Tinker in his bid to liberate our beloved city. G4 is essentially a "Citizens Militia" which supports (but is not controlled by) the Gnomish military. We seek to defend our fellow Gnomes and Gnomish interests wherever the need may be.

I want to stress however that we are not soldiers. Indeed few of our characters would likely pass the physical required to join the Gnomeregan Military in any case. G4's commanding officer Forbidra continually tries in vain to instill some military style precision and "spit polish" to her tiny troops. Nevertheless G4 obstinately remains the most unorthodox and eccentric regiment ever to fly the purple banner of Gnomeregan, but somehow they always manage to get the job done!

Help Us Grow!: We are always looking for more awesome RP'ers to help us show the Tall Folk how its done! We're also looking for imaginative, hard working RP Officers to create, organize and run awesome IC events large and small!

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