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We love to PvP! We love to teach the Horde to respect the power of the Little People! Whether it be in Battlegrounds, Arena, or World PvP. But PvP is just one of the things we love to do. We also love to RP, and run dungeons and raids, as well as quest, and collect Achievements, Pets, and Mounts.

Since PvP is one of the things we do, but not the only thing, our PvP is mostly centered around having fun. You wont find elite ranked arena champions with uber gear here, as you might in a more dedicated PvP guild. But you will find Gnomes who wont back down in the face of Horde aggression, and who enjoy the occasional Battleground and maybe even an Arena partner thats just your size!

We plan to make PvP a larger part of what we do, and that will happen in time. But we need more skilled PvP Gnomes to help turn that plan into HK's.

Help Us Grow!: Do you dream of Gnomish Pre-Mades and Arena Teams striking terror into the hearts of the Horde? Join us and help make that dream a nightmare for the Horde! We are also looking for patient, industrious Gnome-Fu Masters to help equip, train, and lead our tiny troops in battle!
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