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We love to do guild runs of 5-Gnome dungeons (Normal and Heroic), as well as Raids and test our mettle against challenging content! Nothing beats seeing a gigantic Raid Boss crash to the ground, dead at the hands of Gnomes! We also love to do Guild Challenges and Dungeon Achievements!

But dungeons are just one of the things we love to do. We also love to RP, and PvP, as well as quest, and collect Achievements, Pets, and Mounts, and generally have fun.

Since dungeons and raids are just one of the things we love to do, but not the only thing, you'll find that our focus is pretty squarely on XP, Gear, Rep, Achievements, and Fun. We dont focus too heavily on current progression or form dedicated raid teams like you might see in more hardcore raiding guilds.

Our sights are squarely set on seeing how far we can go while still maintaining a fun casual atmosphere!

Help Us Grow!: Do you long to experience the concentrated awesome of an All-Gnome Dungeon Run or Raid?? Join us, and learn the true meaning of Gnome Powah! We're also looking for friendly, hard working PvE Officers to help Equip, Train, and lead our special forces to victory against the most menacing villains to threaten Gnomekind!
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