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We dont have many Rules in G4. We like it that way. But the few we have, we're pretty keen on. All current and prospective members are expected to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and agree to them as a condition of membership.

1. Blizzard RP Realm Policy - We are on an RP Realm. We expect ALL members to familiarize themselves with Blizzards RP Realm Policy and respect it. This includes the sections related to Character Naming, and IC Channel use. Specifically RP Griefing and Trolling will not be tolerated, and are grounds for removal from the guild.

*Note: Blizzard's RP Realm Policy can found Here:

2. Common Courtesy - Treat others (both inside and outside the guild) with common courtesy, and avoid unnecessary conflict and drama that will reflect negatively upon you and your guild.

As a corollary to that: Please keep guild chat civil. That means watch the language, and please keep "Hot Button" topics like Religion and Politics to a minimum.

3. Guild Bank - The contents of the Guild Bank are cheerfully provided to help your G4 Gnome skill up and gear up. These items are not to be sold by you for any reason. Nor are they to be given to, or used to benefit any character outside the guild (including your non-G4 alts) without the express permission of the Guild Leader.

Abuse of your Guild Bank Withdrawal privileges will result in the loss of those privileges at a minimum.
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