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New Hearthstone hero options

I guess I last did serious Hearthstoning for the nifty "Gnomes" card back last December, but Blizz might lure me back, as well as squeeze 10 bucks out of me, if they give me a Warlock hero Gnome option & a new themed Warlock/Gnome card back:...
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Gamifying the classroom

Hey Gnomes!I've got a minor situation that I want YOUR help with! As some of you know I am working on getting my teacher license this year and to do that I have a lot of fun assignments as well as some solo teaching! Next spring I will be doing my...
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Stay Safe Florida Gnomies!

Hurricane Irma looks to have you in her sights. Might be a good time for a road trip! Hoping everyone stays safe, and doesnt try to "tuff it out" because this one looks nasty.- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Health Update

Just thought I would update ppl on my heath situation, since I regularly receive Whispers in game from members enquiring about it.FINALLY some Good News!I was able to talk to my cardiologist today about the results of my echocardiogram. He called ...
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Tomb of Sargeras PLEASE WATCH!

We're going to try the Fallen Avatar this week and its a complicated fight! PLEASE take a few minutes to watch these videos in advance so you know what to expect!Fat Boss Guide to Fallen Avatar Norm-Heroic2-Minute Tank Guide to Fallen AvatarKelani...
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Oh Forbs....

S.C. Warnings of Lizardmen Activity During Eclipse
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New World Adventures

Hey guys, remember me? Hope you're all doing well and keeping up the Gnomish fight!Anyway, a while back I said I was doing some voice over projects. Well, one has now been posted to Soundcloud, a narration work called New World Adventures, an audi...
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Final Fantasy XIV

Due to the ongoing non-raid content drought in Warlords (and some other recent controversies) I have been looking around and trying out some other games and mmos. I am still holding out hope for Blizzard to show something pleasant and attainable ...
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Tomb of Sargeras Raid Strategy

Hey everygnomie, before we head into the Tomb of Sargeras, please make sure youre ready!1. Make sure your gear is ilvl 888 or better!2. Make sure you have the latest version of Deadly Boss Mods installed.3. Make sure you have Discord installed and...
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Back. Sort of.

I'm back for a month. Just a bit of time to sort out my belongings, get some stuff to Coppertop, my new shortie hunter, since F2P can't use mail, and generally look around. I ~might~ consider subbing back long-term, but that's definately just late...
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Sky Golem Drawing!

The time is nigh!First off, the time for Thursday nights has been changed to 6:00pm. Tsumari, Happyhelper and I discussed it and we have several people on Eastern time that just cannot make 7:00pm server. To get more gnomes participating we are ...
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Midsummer Fires

Just wondering if we will be doing a G4 guild run to visit all the fires this year? Last year I know some of us went with Forbs and had a blast.
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Back from long ago!

Hello Gnomes! My wife and I were a part of the guild a long time ago, and we've always considered you guys our favorite guild of all time. We are very casual players, but would still love to represent the Gnomes properly.What characters can I con...
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Reporting for Duty! *Salute*

Greetings gnomies! Many of you know me as the new gnome, Lizbit the warlock. I recently reached ilvl 860 and look forward to joining you all in some gnomish boss smacking in Gnighthold and Gnome of Sargeras.I will also be bringing over two of my a...
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You and PvP

Ok gnomies. One short question. What would it take to get you to PvP?
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To the gnome that created the figit spinner... And I do know its a gnome because only a gnome can invent something this awesome and this hateful all at the same time... I hate you for getting me addicted... But I also love you for getting me addic...
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Forbs is building a Sky Golem just for YOU!

Want to know how to win this amazing mount? Its simple!Participate in Geegee's weekly Battleground event on Thursday evenings!Everyone who goes the distance will automatically be entered in the drawing for this awesome mount!This promotion will be...
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6.0 PvP and beyond

Ok so we have gnomes who are progressing in PvE with the Sunday night Flex raids and we have gnomes who are working on RP and such....however we are lacking in one major area of WoW right now...that being PvP!!!While I was glancing at some of the ...
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PvP Discussions

Gnews from the Gnomish Warfront

Howdy Gnomies!!As a joke I offered Forbs an enlistment bonus (bribe) to come PvP last night. That got me to thinking (dangerous).Thursday Gnite Gnomish War Front will now offer a real enlistment bonus. We will play three BGs and after that I'm g...
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Slow down or die :)

Someone made a meme about me!
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