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ZOMG! Forbs Needs a Friend!

I just saw the Officer D-Va skin and I MUST have it!So to get it I need a Friend to play five games of Heroes of the Storm with me this week, ANDI need a Friend to help me WIN five games of HotS against real people next week.Does I have Friends??-...
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Forbs51930Small Weeblewobble 4y
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Not Feeling It Anymore But There's More To Say.

Hi friends. It's me, Dyna.You all may have noticed my absence. Of course, you may have not, being new to the guild and all. I once was a lot more active but my health issues have required me to downshift my gears some. Hehe.Anyways, this expan...
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Gonna miss you guys, but priorities change.

Those who know/care about me might've noticed the last time I was playing was quite a while ago - I mean, last time I logged in, we still had a black president.Truth is, while I really have wanted to play, a lot of stuff has stacked up, forcing me...
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"Oh no, not her..."

Hi. Um, hello. Oh hey! Hi!It's, um, it's been years, hasn't it... and um.I'M SO SORRY. I think that maybe I didn't quite leave on such nice terms? I sas being kind of a Nasty Gnome, so for all the snippy, sassy things I've definitely have, and may...
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Hanging up my cogs

Hello gnomies,Well 7.2 sure has a lot to do! I haven't been around much so it's possible many people don't remember me, but I just wanted to say thank you for having me in G4 and I loved it very much.In the end, I've gone back to the EU servers, ...
Member avatar small Khoria 4y
Khoria51666Small Durell 4y
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Patch 7.2 Order of Operations

Found this online. Has a lot of solid tips. Thought I'd put this here for easy reference.WoW Patch 7.2 PrepChecklist of what to do once patched day a hitsIMPORTANT: DO NOT OPEN WEEKLY CACHE BEFORE AK26 QUEST!1. Pick up weekly quest in dalaran. 2. ...
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Forbs31306Small Frazley Sparkspan 4y
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February 25, 2017 meeting notes

4:55 pm Forbs is missing. We wonder.We wait. We worry. We check Twitter. Post made 15 mins ago by Forbs. We are pretty sure everything is ok. Rusteah mentions something about the possibility of Forbs being held hostage by the cat.5:01 pm No...
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New Voice Overs for E-motes!

Hi everyone!By accident, I discovered several voice overs tied to e-motes that I don't recall being there before. Check them out!/forthealliance/doom/oopsThe /oops makes me giggle. Let's look for other ones!
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Tridyna Quickcipher31123Small Frazley Sparkspan 4y
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Heroes of the Storm? Yes please!

Hello my fellow gnomes! Due to the Primal Flamesaber mount promotion, there's a lot of interest in Heroes of the Storm. So, I thought, why not have a thread where we could chat about the game?First of all, if you haven't tried it, I recommend yo...
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Tridyna Quickcipher1727Small Tridyna Quickcipher 4y
PvE Discussions

Raid Two: Electric Boogaloo (or the Alt Raid, to be more boring)

Gnomeregan Forever's raiding team has been having a pretty good expansion so far. We've managed to keep up with the progression of the raids thus far, downing both Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor on Normal before the next tier released, and e...
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Zoreli Darkspindle72995Small Tridyna Quickcipher 4y
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Mythic Dungeon School for Gnomes!

Greetings gnomes!As new folks join our ranks, and people get new gnomes leveled up there has been a lack of groups for them to learn how to play the lower tier content of this expansion. I would like to help change that. So with that in mind, once...
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Kaeldrae51781Member avatar small Sprizzunk 4y
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Hola 'Allo 'Allo

Hello sorry haven't been on in a while. Thought I'd let you know I ran out of game time and no way to get any anytime soon. So please dont kick me from the guild. I'll be back when I can.Much GnOme WubZonger
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Zonger21100Small Forbs 5y
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Nighthold Boss Vids Check em out!

Skorpyron Guide: Anomoly https://w...
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G4 on Twitter

Miss Anexxia has done an awesome job of showcasing G4 users on Twitter.Subscribe to the G4 Twitter List.Tweet @Anexxia to get added to the list.
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PvE Discussions

When Can Their Glory Fade?

I've not been posting as many glorious screenies of our noble four hundred as I could be. Time to make amends.- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Forbs2958Small Amarula 5y
PvP Discussions

Adding a PvP night

Hi all. GeeGee would like to add a PvP night to our guild calendar for random battlegrounds. I'd also be interested in doing sewer groups and the PvP world quests.We can only queue as a group of five unless we move into rated. (Which I hope we d...
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Updated Revised Patch Notes Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Forbs31339Small Sheancy 5y
The Reserves

Alt removal policy?

Wanted to clarify if there is an alt removal policy on The Reserves. I have 7 Gnome Alts in The Reserves (haven't decided which two alts to bring to G4 yet). I am not on all of them as often as Frazl. I have added a note for all of my alts though,...
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Frazley Sparkspan21451Small Forbs 5y
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Lockspanner's First WOW Addon - Pepe++

Hey Everygnome!I've been working on a little mod that puts the little cute orange bird on your UI. You can drag him around to move him from place to place and right click on the bird to change the costume!. If you want to change the size of pepe...
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Lockspanner51761Small Frazley Sparkspan 5y
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Diablo Event in WoW - Until the 9th!

Don't miss your chance to get the Diablo Event! Two toys can be gotten from it as well as an achievement for Diablo 20th Anniversary! Daily Quest GuideWowhead GuideNote! You can only loot the Cow K...
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