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A Gnome Song

I've liked "A Pict Song" ever since i heard it the 1st time. I adapted the words to Gnomes.Here is the real song: A Pict Song, by Emerald Rose You don't need to download it, just click the little player instead to hear it.So, for all the Gnome hat...
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Tikky / Eza2929Small Glitterspaz Stormshard 11y
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Glyph Request

I just got to level 50 tonight on my Warrior and would love to fill my glyph slots if anyone can help me out.I would like:Prime: Revenge, Shield SlamMajor: CleavingMinor: Enduring VictoryThanks
Small Tubbins 11y
Tubbins51600Small Tubbins 11y
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BWL -Guild- Run Screens!

Here are some pics I took of our run - mostly the one's I forgot to ALT-Z out of because I like reading chat and be like, "Hey! I remember when that gnome said that!"You may see similar pics but this is the one BEFORE the poison wore off. (They'...
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Aizi62297Small Forbs 11y
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G4 Summit - A Gathering of Gnomes, Tinkers & Explosives.

The title says it all. I would like to plan a realm-wide event for a Summit gathering of Gnomes from all guilds/alliances to talk shop. What are we going to do now that we've taken back control of Gnomeregan, what about clean up? Who has the bette...
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Wilbyr123132Small Tubbins 11y
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Corbitz GnUI (Gnomish User Interface)

Just wanted so show off my recently completed GnUI (Gnomish User Interface).IdleTarget Select (w/focus)The cover plate with the Alliance logo is where the pet bar shows when needed and the pet frame would be visible above that. There is also and a...
Small Corbitz 11y
Corbitz41695Small Penti 11y
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Gnome Powah: A Definition

Gnome Powah - Noun \ˈnōm-pau-ə\1. Unit of measurement used to describe the amount of work or force which can be generated by a single Gnome. This is roughly equivalent to 2 HP or "Human Power" (where "Human" refers to any humanoid standing more th...
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Forbs2998Small Glitterspaz Stormshard 11y