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Recommended webcomics

Per Forbs request, here's the link to the webcomic I'm fandubbing as discussed. you enjoy the read.
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Forbs Fotos

I'm way behind posting my screenies. Here's a bunch. Sorry ppl with slow connections. I feel ya. Go make a sandwich or something =)Click for Hi-Res.Air CavThere is Only XuhlSocretharWhat is Gnome Raiding Like??Gnomes Smash!Charge Forth!Say Hello t...
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Forbs51970Small Sheancy 5y
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Custom modification to Altoholic to make it filter the Garrison Follower tab to show only gnomes

Hi guys,As promised, I'm going to try to post here how to modify your Altoholic file, so it will allow you, in the Garrison Followers Grid box, to select a new option called 'Gnomish' which will display all the possible follower gnomes for your ga...
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Back after many years!

Hello Gnomes!My wife (trixiebelle) and I are back to the game after many years, and we look forward to fighting alongside the G4 crew again. You always made the game much more enjoyable :) Could you tell me what global chat channel you guys use ...
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Attention Engineers!

There is an Engineering quest called "Aww Scrap!" that will send you down into the Dalaran Sewers to deliver a shipment of guns. Please Note: >> MOST OF THE SEWERS IS A FFA PVP ZONE!<<So to complete this quest without dying over and ov...
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Hey guys!

It's me (and the wife) and we just wanted to tell you that we're moving tomorrow. See? We told you we'd do it! :PAnyway, the wife got a job thanks to our best friend (and new roommate) so, as a treat, we're getting everything together to join you ...
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Legion Launch Reminders & Tips

Health - If youre planning to pull an all-nighter you might want to start hydrating now. Remember your body is made mostly if WATER not Red Bull. Energy drinks tend to be very unhealthy, so if youre going to drink them, do so in moderation. Modera...
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Demon Invasion Tips!

Get More Invasions - The invasions are actually instanced scenarios which are on a Per Character Cooldown. Once you complete the two on your map, you must wait for the cooldown (currently 3-4 hours) to expire before you can join new ones. But if y...
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Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm launches today! Alas, without Gnome representation. :( Blizz has cross-promotional awards with HotS, WoW, and Hearthstone: Grave Golem pet for WoW for level 20 in HotS, Dire Wolf Mount for HotS for level 100 in WoW (http:/...
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Free Yard Sale

I'm not even sure if there is a current thread or not for something like this but I am vendoring ALOT of usable moggies, recipes every single day (Mats i'm loading in the guild bank!). I would much rather them go to good home then sell them to Cou...
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Simple Macros for Everybody

I found macros hard to learn. Here are some basic macros guaranteed to work. Usefull and easy for learning.Why Make Macros?- makes repetitive tasks much quicker and easier.- much faster than typing stuff into the chat box.- speeds up your game pla...
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New Avatar for Forbs?

Hi hi! I was thinking that I had not whipped up an avatar for Forbs for the demon invasion. Let me know what you think!
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Table of Legion Invasion Weapons by Spec/Class

Just a quick post to let ya know that I used google to find a table on reddit that lists all the Invasion Weapons that can drop and the class (and specs) which they can drop for. This is a very helpful table for farming these weapons for our mog c...
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Secret Broken Shores Scenario Mog Item: Alaina's Bonnet

I found out last night, going through the WoW forums, that there's a secret mog item we can get by collecting an item in stage 6 (easier to get in stage 7 though because you can just go back to the area and the mobs are all dead so nothing to get ...
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!!Fishing Party!!

Hope everyone had a lovely time and congrats to all the new Turtle owners!! Hooray!
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Screen shots of Your New Gnome Hunters!!!

😅There wasn't a topic on it yet so I went ahead and made 1.This is my new Hunter Magnomepi named after the 80's tv character Magnum P.I.
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Mac's and Legion

Hello all!I am not sure if I am the only one but currently Legion is having some issues running on Mac's. When logging on, the spinning wheel of deaths shows up at the character login screen or as soon as you load into the game. I hear there are s...
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Dyna Reporting In...

Hi everyone! This is Dyna reporting in from her (his, really) adventurers.I'm still playing FFXIV but I miss you all very much. My disability hearing is in approximately two weeks. Wish me luck! 'Cuz, if it's successful, I'll have the money to...
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Pet of the Week

Current Pet of the Week <---------------------------------- Greetings all you amazing Gnomes! Because I love collecting, battling, and trading pets... I have decided to start a pet giveaway every Sunday between 3:30pm - 4:00pm near the Battle P...
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[Spoilers?] Hunter P.E.T.S's (and How To Acquire Them)

TABLE OF CONTENTSClick the links below to jump straight to the P.E.T.S. youre most interested in learning how to Tame. Tekton the Exploding Sheep Friender the Blue Mechanical Wolf Haywire Battle Chicken Proto-Strider the Unpainted Mechanostrider...
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