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Life madness

Troggs, Troggs to many of them! (hiatus update I'm alive, but playing on a mac or at least trying to, overtime I went to launch game it wouldn't work so I gave up, but a new fire has been lit and I miss my gnomies, so any advice for making the WoW...
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More screenies from Sunday Night! Click for higher res versions.Now you know why my DPS is so bad. Yeah, thats my story and I'm STICKING to it! =D- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Kacho Nacho the Comic Series

Yep, time to set up a thread for the Kacho Nacho Comic. :)Based on Final Fantasy XIV, it features the adventure of a lalafell and his friends. What is a lalafell? Why, they are the little people of Ezorea! But don't discount this childlike rac...
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Pet of the Week: Needs more space!

Hey everyone! Pet of the Week has become a lot more successful than I ever thought and thank you so much to those that have generously donated, but I have run into a bagspace problem! I am thinking of making a Gnome completely dedicated to housing...
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Blizzcon 2016

Yes, I'm starting this thread really REALLY early.The reason is that if (when?) they announce this years Blizzcon within the next few weeks plans will be set in motion which will mean as long as I get tickets (and I'm sure I'll be able to do that ...
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All-Gnome EU Open Raid

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later... On Friday on the EU servers, an all-Gnome cross-realm Raid on Highmaul took place, and thanks to Chromeeh you can watch it here! hope you Gnomes have had yo...
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Guild Needs

Ok time to get this project rolling! As explained in the guild meeting, Forbs is building TWO Sky Golem mounts. Estimated completion date: March 7th. I plan to give at least one of them away at a future guild meeting. Want to win it? Here's how......
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April Fools' Day!

Don't forget to read the WoW Legion Alpha "patch notes."
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[Spoilers] Answers to WoWhead's Egg Hunt

Hey everygnomie! WoWhead is giving away a lot of pretty cool prizes in their Noblegarden Egg Hunt this year. To enter to win, you need to do two things. First you need to log in to your Wowhead account. If you dont have one, you can easily set one...
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General Discussions

Technical Difficulties no longer runs on my computer after the Tuesday update. Consequently I am currently locked out of all Blizzard games, including WoW, Diablo 3, and Hearthstone. None of the usual fixes, or suggestions by the support staff have worked. I ...
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I've been busy...

...doing other things: is my Blog 'thinger'. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may see the occasional tweet from me regarding my having posted on my Blog. Or, you may not care. But, whatever. I...
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Outfit's saved on Wowhead

Hiya, I thought I would share that WoWhead now has a cool way of saving and sharing outfits. I made this one just a couple of days ago and then uploaded it to my outfits list.
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Chronicle of the Gnomes, Volume One

On Friday, I picked up Warcraft Chronicles, Volume One, and two days later, I've finished it. (Yeah, yeah, I know, but I was pretty busy, it took a bit longer than usual.) So I thought I would pass on the gnome-related bits to the guild, so we can...
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Socrethar Tips & Priorities

A few tips and priorities that may help us defeat Socrethar!TANKS> Coordinate with Raid Leader on whether we are splitting Reverberating Blow/Shattered Defenses damage amongst the raid or just between the Tanks, and position Socrethar & Rai...
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Gnome Hunters

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Fishing Guide

Some of you may know that Tyrman Bladebreaker is a very avid angler! I just wanted to share this amazing guide all about fishing.An Angler's Journey: The Extreme Angling Collection GuideI am a huge fan of El, from Elsanglin website (That is sadly ...
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Celestial Tourny Guide

At the last Pet of the Week some players were curious about the tournament and thought it would be helpful to post the guide I used to get it done.Celestial Tournament with 18 petsIt works like a charm.Happy hunting!
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I love Stories Like This

So many grim and disheartening news stories on the internet. So when I see one like this I like to share...Japan's Cat Island Ran Low On Cat Food, Sent a Tweet, And Got So Much They Could Barely Store It All Well done Internet!- Forbs"For Gnomereg...
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Quick Gnupdate

I'll be back around the weekend.Need to get me a US time card, but the Gnome mobile also needed some mandatory maintenance....It's a bit hard to explain to the boss that you can't come to work because you bought a WoW time card instead of getting ...
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Retro Raid Night Screenies!

Friday night was Retro Raid Night, and another memorable one it was too! Our intrepid Gnomes took on Heroic Throne of Thunder once again. This time we were successful! It was no easy trick however. We had quite a few wipes (cough! nohealers cough!...
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