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The Reserves

Alt removal policy?

Wanted to clarify if there is an alt removal policy on The Reserves. I have 7 Gnome Alts in The Reserves (haven't decided which two alts to bring to G4 yet). I am not on all of them as often as Frazl. I have added a note for all of my alts though,...
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The Reserves

Welcome to The Reserves!

Hi everyone!I'd like to thank everyone who participated in our second Reserves Meeting. For those who were not there, we sat around and discussed what kind of guild the Reserves should be.There was some interest expressed in doing things with pies...
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The Reserves

Historical Background of the Reserves

As promised multiple times in the Reserve meetings; I've come up with the beginnings of what I think is a plausible back-story, plus some 'color' (about four short stories' worth.)There question is: where do I place it? Which flagpole do I run it ...
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