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But what I really want to do is direct

So, I make Warcraft movies. Nothing elaborate, mostly zone vids and the occasional PvP video, but of particular relevance here is a vid I made of Gnomeregan back during the Cata beta. I think I've mentioned it before in the OOC channel, but figure...
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Midsummer Writing Contest! (from Realm Forums)

For those of you who like to write: is offering some pretty awesome prizes to the winners, including 4,000 gold for Alliance submissions!Plus, his example story had gnomes in it. What's not t...
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World of Workcraft

Ok first I need to share this machinema. Its pretty old, but new to me and very funny.World of WorkcraftThis inspired Enekie to create this thread on the realm forums which quickly caught fire, and last I looked had gone to 18 pages and is pretty...
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Hey Guys

I know most don't know me yet but I wanted to let ya know I will be back as soon as I can. Falling on hard times here so I had to shut down the WoW account for a bit. :( shouldn't be that long but ya never know. Thanks
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New G4 Meeting Place?

Gnomeregan Forever seems to be... outgrowing Bruuk's Corner in Ironforge. During one of our guild meetings, the concept of a new spot for our meetings was briefly mentioned. I scouted around the cities and found some nice possible places to meet:H...
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The Grand Expedition Yak

So time to start saving up 60,000g
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.:Summertime Gift Exchange:.:Server Event:.

Greetings fellow G4 members! With Midsummer right around the corner I wanted to bring something back that I hosted last December.. a server-wide (albeit still faction based) secret santa! That's right, some of you that participated in it last year...
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Welcome to all our Gnew Gnomes!

I'd just like to once again welcome all the new folks who have joined our growing Gnomish legions! We are undergoing some growth pains at the moment. But please remember that each and every one of you are important to us. So please dont feel shy a...
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Gnome Love Story Video Ideas

I actually have two ideas for videos...unfortunately, I'm not gifted with video/sound editing:1. So, after seeing Gnome Machinimas on the forums, the Gimme Sympathy video gave me an idea. We start with some of the video from the Cata trailer sho...
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G4 Air Squadron

Had so much fun the other night trying to fly in formation and taking screen shots. I had to make a recruitment poster to get more pilots. I hope you guys enjoy this...
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Gnome Machinimas

After a conversation I had with Forbidra, I thought it would be cool to provide links from my youtube channel to various gnome machinimas for people to enjoy.World of Gnomecraft 2.0. Gimme SympathyCloud 9The Device Has Been ModifiedThe Rocket of Love
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15 minutes of WoW Insider fame!
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Yay! No more Therazane esc rep grinds.
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Our Video is done!

First of all, please note: There will be no further changes made to the video, unless someone finds some horrific boo-boo. should have had it up yesterday, but between my computer and Youtube, there were....
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So...... might like this (or not). about 2 or 3 days, this will only be viewable form this link. This is for 2 reasons. First, it's ours, so we get first dibs on it. And, second, and...
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Xin, Friend to the Small

So decided to pop on the Beta to check out the new mage glyph Conjure Familiar; however since the actually ability to have anarcane/fire/frost voidwalker is not actually in the beta atm. I decided to mess around on a gnome monk. As some of you may...
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A lost transmission from Lawn Hammerspring. ((OOC-kinda/sorta))

I was considering putting this in off-topic but it didn't seem off topic.. anyways! This is Lawn, of course you know it's Lawn it says my name right over there<--------But that is besides the point. I am here to inform my good gnomes that they ...
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Jedi Kittens

The Force is strong with them... =^.^= Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Monopoly 'World of Warcraft Collector's Edition' Set

OMG I have to get this O_o
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G4 Meeting Notes - Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meeting lead by Forbidra - Notes taken by Aizi Officer Positions are always available but will be EARNED not given. If interested in taking up the responsibility of an officer contact Forbidra. Crazy ideas are needed for giving away prizes that a...
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