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April Fools' Day!

Don't forget to read the WoW Legion Alpha "patch notes."
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[Spoilers] Answers to WoWhead's Egg Hunt

Hey everygnomie! WoWhead is giving away a lot of pretty cool prizes in their Noblegarden Egg Hunt this year. To enter to win, you need to do two things. First you need to log in to your Wowhead account. If you dont have one, you can easily set one...
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Technical Difficulties no longer runs on my computer after the Tuesday update. Consequently I am currently locked out of all Blizzard games, including WoW, Diablo 3, and Hearthstone. None of the usual fixes, or suggestions by the support staff have worked. I ...
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Outfit's saved on Wowhead

Hiya, I thought I would share that WoWhead now has a cool way of saving and sharing outfits. I made this one just a couple of days ago and then uploaded it to my outfits list.
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Chronicle of the Gnomes, Volume One

On Friday, I picked up Warcraft Chronicles, Volume One, and two days later, I've finished it. (Yeah, yeah, I know, but I was pretty busy, it took a bit longer than usual.) So I thought I would pass on the gnome-related bits to the guild, so we can...
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Gnome Hunters

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Fishing Guide

Some of you may know that Tyrman Bladebreaker is a very avid angler! I just wanted to share this amazing guide all about fishing.An Angler's Journey: The Extreme Angling Collection GuideI am a huge fan of El, from Elsanglin website (That is sadly ...
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Celestial Tourny Guide

At the last Pet of the Week some players were curious about the tournament and thought it would be helpful to post the guide I used to get it done.Celestial Tournament with 18 petsIt works like a charm.Happy hunting!
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Retro Raid Night Screenies!

Friday night was Retro Raid Night, and another memorable one it was too! Our intrepid Gnomes took on Heroic Throne of Thunder once again. This time we were successful! It was no easy trick however. We had quite a few wipes (cough! nohealers cough!...
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Gnome Hunter Names

I set out to find the perfect Gnome Hunter Name that I both loved and was unique in World of Warcraft. I ended up cobbling together a whole bunch of names from various Gnome related words. I decided none of these worked for me but maybe they will ...
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Beating the "Tiny Terrors" in Tanaan jungle [Pet battles]

Lets talk a bit about the Tiny Terrors first...All 15 battles have a front line Legendary pet, and 2 random quality (max. Rare) back line pets.Meaning the Legendary pet will always be your first opponent.Beating the Legendary one down fast is key ...
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Warcraft Movie Set Stills

Duncan Jones has finally started tweeting some movie set pics after over a year. Check the details on the Bounty Board. Forbs"For Gn...
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Hello from Sydney! AKA a new Gnome enters the arena!

Hey G4!Thought I had better throw up a quick post, to say thank you for the guild invite. :DI am playing my first ever gnome (past lvl20)! And considering I have played WoW on and off since Vanilla beta... that's saying something.I have also prima...
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Oceanic Gnometry

Hi guys, I'm stuck alone with a Kiwi most nights. This is hard work!I'd like to try and recruit more oceanic to G4. Any ideas? I was thinking of advertising in Oceanic Guild Recruitment forum, but they might blow a gasket because we're a US server...
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We have been invited to a party on Friday

Hey everyone! Someone contacted me today and asked if there was an officer online, unfortunetly Forbs you had literally just logged off. Anyways, all he wanted to ask is if any of us wanted to go to an event he was putting on (Screenshot included)...
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LFRP Podcast

Introducing.......... Erwin Stormtorque <The Trogg Hunter>!!! This is the ad that Kravoc the ad guy for the LFRP podcast and I came up with for a new gnome hunter ad! Enjoy!Listen to it here or here (Our ad is at the 2hr 15min 20 sec mark fo...
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Remember Gnomes, its not whats under the tree that is important.As long as youve got a Head to Learn With, and Hands to Work With, and a Heart to Love with...YOU ARE BLESSED. Best Wishes for a very merry holiday, and a safe and prosperous New Yea...
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Winter Veil Changes: What You Need To Know!

A number of significant changes to Winter Veil this year, and some new stuff you will want to collect. Her's the short version of what you need to know...1. Stolen Present - Like last year these are rewards for doing the Holiday Daily in Hillsbrad...
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Blam Blam Gun!

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RP with <Within> Thursdays!

Our friends in the &lt;Within&gt; guild have started another RP storyline in partnership with G4. Its planned to be a fairly long term adventure that will take place on Thursday evenings. &lt;Within&gt; favors a D20 style approach, and the previou...
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