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The Adventures of Braketindy

Just uploaded the first episode of The Adventures of Braketindy. This is my first machinima, as well as my first video ever. I've learned a lot along the way. You can tell from the video, I learned better editing techniques by the end of it. So si...
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Where There Is a Gnome...

...There is a Way!I was partway thru a post here explaining that I wouldn't be able to raid with you tonight because I had accidently broken my eyeglasses and couldn't get them repaired until Monday at the earliest.But I managed to repair them mys...
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Forbs's connection

A quick note during a brief period of connectivity. I'm experiencing internet outages. I was offline nearly all day yesterday with only a couple hours of working DSL interspersed through out the day. My already slow connection when its working is ...
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Pet Battle Tourny Screenies

As official Scorekeeper I wasn't in a very good spot for taking screenies, but these few I grabbed came out alright. I shared them on the realm forums and twitter earlier.WrA's Top Trainers gather in Dalaran for the Finals!Plucky Gnome Tyramand fo...
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BlizzCon Ticket Available

Hi guys, I have a BlizzCon ticket available. If you want to go but are low on cash I have a proposal for anyone who lives near the Anaheim Convention Center.I will sign the ticket over to you if you are willing to host my friend and I at your plac...
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Anniversary Fireworks Show Screenies!

I know most of you didn't get a very good view since you were busy putting on a helluva show! So I snuck away from my launcher to grab a few.That was truly one for the record books. You guys make me proud to be a Gnome. Theres no other guild on th...
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Hi guys! I'm so ready for a weekend!!!!
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Missed the Transmog Fashion Show

Hey guys, just wanted to apologize for not making the fashion show. I was really looking forward to it... I even made a 'mog to participate! But that's alright, hope it went off without a hitch. Here is what I would have entered (or most likely si...
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I Challenge YOU!

Samwise Didier drew a "Brutal Doodle" of a famous Gnome just for you!Linkies: am hereby challenging YOU to repay him in kind by drawing one for HIM! It needn't be a masterpiece. As an ar...
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Greetings from Coeurl

Hello everyone! Here are a few pictures taken recently of the Freelance Wanderers (FFXIV: NA Server: Coeurl). Enjoy!
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Whats Happenin?

Whats going on my Gnomies?? I'm locked out of the game till my new computer arrives and gets properly set up, and I'm going stir crazy over here. You guys arent posting anything! =( What have you all been up to? Are you working on the anniversary ...
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So... New expansion (SPOILERS likely)

I just saw the trailers, but not the presentations - they may not even be done yet, as i type. As usual, they trailers are really nicely done. I visited the web page for the new expansion and looked at the new features presented there.It looks qui...
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New G4 Wallpaper!

So proud of you Gnomes!Click for hi-rez versions.- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Did a prophecy end up Foreshadowing the events of Legion?

saw this on Tumblr... Yes, it's involving orcs, but it seemed interesting enough to share regardless.There is, in WoW lore, a prophecy regarding the Doomhammer, that may foreshadow the events of Legion... The regular version of the Doomhammer ...
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New World of Warcraft Expansion Unveiling at gamescom 2015 – Live Stream August 6

It's official! 8)Join us Thursday, August 6 at 9 a.m. PDT for a special World of Warcraft event streamed live from gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany—where we’ll be unveiling the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga. . . .Tune in again Sun...
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I'm Aliiiive!

Gnomies!! *sobs* Hey gnomes don't know if you still remember me but I have gotten a new laptop and have bought WoW sadly my old account got hacked so I am having to start all over. I am always one to go for the "blank slates" though so I am not to...
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Enemy on island - issue in doubt.

Kinda how i feel like, right now, with WoW. I just.... i don't know. Maybe it'll go away, i'm really doubting that, though. WoW is going ever deeper in the "no more flying" area... all that's left is to see if they allow flying in "new" zones onc...
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It Came From Beyond The Twitter...

Got a nibble out of Mumper on WoD...Geoppetto Hosseltoff ‏@Hosseltoff 3 Jan@mumper Happy Friday, sir. Have anything new and juicy to share about garrisons? I've all but researched them out! :)Mumper ‏@mumper 3 Jan@Hosseltoff We are making great p...
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Tips For Tanaan Dailies

Just a few tips for those doing the Tanaan Dailies for rep to get your flight achievements and other vendor goodies...General Rep 1. When the Darkmoon Faire is in town, be sure to take a ride on the Carousel before you turn in your dailies. You'll...
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A little update

Hey guys!Just wanted to drop you guys a little update about what's been going on with me lately. So I finally finished my undergrad studies last month! Still looking for a new job that pays better than what I'm doing now...or something I can do i...
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