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Forbs New Wallpaper

Its been quite a long time since I've had to change my desktop wallpaper. Not since our first Brackenspore kill in fact. But today I finally have something new to keep my icons glowing with Gnomish pride...
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Blizzard Social Media Contest

Blizzard is hosting a pretty big social media contest beginning this week. You can win a lot of great prizes if youre into the Twitter thang as I am. They will be giving away a lot of digital prizes randomly, and doling out physical prizes to the ...
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Name reclamation in 6.2

Looks like Blizz is starting a regular name reclamation process, starting with tomorrow's patch 6.2 on Tuesday, June 23rd: With the upcoming Warlords of Draenor patch (6.2), we will be releasing sidelined characters’ names back into the wild. A...
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Ya Know Those People...?

Those insufferably annoying people who tell you they got it on their first try...?I've become one of them =)After the raid last night where not one but two of our members showed off their Mimiron's Head mount, I resolved to get serious about farmi...
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Join me in Q & A : Bingo

Join me in a game of Ion Hazzikostas BINGO tomorrow between 2 and 3 Pacific Time. See the below link for more information.Ion Hazzikostas Bingo!
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Transmog - Costume fun - Event Idea

Hello Everygnome!As some of you might know, I love transmog! I write a blog where I feature people who have caught my eye, and also transmogs that I put together for my characters. I have an idea for a transmog/costume even that I would like to r...
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Been along while away

Sadly. 3 months ago my computer broke and thus is why I have been absent, I am working on gegetting/saving the funds to get a gaming rig, none of that lag nonsense, so please forgive me life has a strange way of working things out.
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Saiai and the Gnomes of G4

To immortalize Saiai's first attempt at tanking, I made a picture! Great job, Saiai Friend of the Gnomes!
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Forbs & Dyna Interviewed on LFRP Podcast

So Tridyna and I were fashionably late to the RP workshop owing to the fact that the illustrious Turwinkle the Gnome Mage asked to interview us for the Looking For Roleplay Podcast. They were highlighting Gnomes this week, and wanted to ask us a f...
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Forbs has Issues

And NO not THAT sort! Ok well maybe that sort too, but I'm specifically talking about computer issues. One long beep, followed by two short beeps is computer code for "Spend Money" right?Sigh...Expect me when you see me.- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"PS ...
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So, I managed to get tickets to BlizzCon again. Yes, Forbs, I will try to ask another gnome question this year. Is anyone else going?
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So... I was glancing thru MMO-Champion's

new models and came across this.You want to click this!Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease! Dyna wants!
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Project Boom Boom!

We have been asked by Drefusxano to provide the fireworks display to top his Autism Awareness event on April 28th at Booty Bay.Project Boom Boom!Plan: Make 1000+ fireworks limited to red, blue, and yellow for April 28th Autism Awareness DisplayWha...
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A mailbox for us!

Finally, there's a mailbox out there that us gnomes will want to use!An article about the making of the mailbox and other things is here.
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Ridiculously-useful transmog site... is basically like if MogIt had a browser extension. just type in an item's name or item-number from WoWhead, and this little genius will toss it onto the gender/race you choose - build entire costumes in minutes, then click "g...
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Just a little something i thought i'd share.

Nothing to do with guild woes or game woes... nothing like that. Just an idea i thought would be neat.The 1st Diablo game i've played was D3, and i've played RoS too. The story is pretty darn harsh - especially when going into king Leoric's "basem...
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I Have Discovered a WoW Artist!

May I present an artist whose work has blown me away? His art is so skillfully rendered and original that he can only be considered a genius.Ladies and Gentlemen, I present .... Gelgemesh, The Art Master!
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Tridyna Quickcipher31147Small Rusteah Sparksoot 7y
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An Open Letter to My Guildies and Friends

It is 5:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep. There is too much on my mind. It is time we have a Talk.It is no secret that I have health issues. I have been open with you all and you have responded with love and support. The members of this gu...
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