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How Will You Wildstar!?!

So as I am looking up on the new game Wildstar and I am getting really excited and pumped so I have come to see I am assuming there will be guilds and groups and such. So I am wondering what race class type things you're gonna go for- ok..WHAT IS ...
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Lucio and Whispers Wedding!

WOO! So lucio and I Finally set a date. May 21 2016! We were hoping to organise a RP wedding in game around that time. So we could include friends and the guild in this.
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Kacho Nacho Introduces Himself!

Here's my Lalafell. Yes, his name really is Kacho Nacho. Knowing nothing about the naming conventions, I used the random name generator. I didn't like the first few but when this one popped up and just had to grab it. :DAnyways, I'm going to b...
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Rug, Dyna...what are you names again ^_^?
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my new comic inspired by my fans

page #1
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DC universe online

it's free, I'm going to check it out, let me know if anyone else plays or is going to give it a try ^_^...going super hero of course *gnome flex*
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Unsubscribe button.

I just found it. They conveniently placed it on the very same spot as another button i had pretty well ignored as soon as i saw it: the subscribe button.Seems you are automatically subscribed to thread you make. My mail box was flooded with notifi...
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Gaming rig

Okay so the time is nearing, and since im not computer savy ( Im mechanically inclined) I need your help on what rig to get, laptop exclusive, the bars are will work on good graphics (I fell in love with WoW when is was far more blocky) Will have ...
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Reimund's Writing Repository

Alliteration always allows all of us able and awesome avenues of assertion.I've allways loved alliteration. Maybe I'll practice with that... maybe I have a brain problem...As Daniel laid Tufty down into her final resting place, a tear fell from hi...
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Guild Wars 2

So I'm playing Guild Wars 2 now for reasons. Anyone else play? We should make a guild over there if there are enough people. If nothing else, I hope I can find a good Asura guild.RKade.4603All hail Battlerager Korr, the teeniest tiniest most angri...
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So I'm reviewing Galciv3 and I need MOOOORE races and what race belongs in space more than GNOOOOMES? Incoming screenshots, links, etc.
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My Videos (I could use feedback and subscriptions)

So these are NOT "PG" rated AT ALL! I swear a lot in real life so be prepared for that. Also, this is a zombie game so there's going to be some gore. That being said, I'm doing a daily let's play and I could use some views, subscriptions, and feed...
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Have you guys heard of this violin player?

Her name is Lindsey Stirling...and she's really talented. :O of her many songs)
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Space Artwork

Hello all!Here's a quick starscape I made for Reimund. Enjoy!Click Here For Full Size Wallpaper
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Solutions to Solutions

So this weekend my computer desk chair broke...again. Something in the part that connects the central post to the seat just snapped, and suddenly I was listing fifteen degrees to starboard. Not comfortable for gaming let me tell you. Now I was in ...
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So... The California Drought

I walk nightly. Then this happened.
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Questions About Tall Folk Alts and Their Stories

I'm putting this in the Off-Topic area because I view non-gnome issues as off topic for G4, I hope that's ok. If someone thinks it should go in the RP area instead, I'll bow to their ruling, though.I don't want to bog down G4's site with a lot of ...
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any gnomish writers intrested in an e-mail game?

I would like to re-start one of the old star trek play by e-mail sims. so I'm extending an invitation to any of our writing inclined gnomes to join the fun. a play by e-mail sim is a series of stories written by e-mail to depict the life of a char...
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Forbs has Four Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys to give away.

Just what the title says. Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's new Free to Play (Pay to Upgrade) DOTA/MOBA style game. If you would like one of these keys to check out the game for yourself, send an email to: First come f...
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My Transmog blog

Hello! As we were just talking about transmog and sharing ideas in chat within the game, I thought I would share the link to the blog I write for fun, all about transmog. hope to feature some of you, if you w...
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