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Let's PVP!

Hiya Gnomes, Aizi here.I've been doing a lot of PVP lately, on many different toons. It's a really enjoyable aspect of the game - the only part that's missing is more Gnomes! If anyone wants to or has even the slightest interest in PVP, let me k...
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Arena's, Battle Grounds, War Games and such.

A couple of things got me to do this 1 is Brixee's post on Raids and Forbs post about what do we want to see more over the next year or so for G4. One of my goals over Mists is to get into PvP more; to this end I am going to try to level my monk u...
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all gnome pre mades!

hey guys, Weks of House Gnomeregan here!was thinking i might make a calander event for friday nights or saturday nights doing pre'made bg's on vent!if we get 10 people we can queue over vent and get into the same team on 10man maps 95% guaranteed....
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The "Useless Noob"'s Guide to Being Helpful in BG's

Completely new to BG's? Want to jump in but don't think you will be any good? Lack the gear, knowledge, and killer instincts, but want to help put a foot in the Horde's behind? Then this post is for you.(If you have the gear, experience, and on...
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New Informative Thread on Forums

WoW War College - Warsong Gulch
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RP-PVP event on YouTube

This was in the Moviewatch on WoWInsider today. I didn't have a chance to watch it until I got home, but it reminded me of that Warpath Event some of you attended a bit ago. Katt
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Lil' Punters Assemble!

Ok lets use the Forums to get a bit more organized! For those that dont know, the Lil Punters are G4's lvl 24 Twink team. The Lil Punters will be looking to take the fight to the Horde in low level BG's and possibly run low level dungeons as a gro...
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