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There's No Place Like Gnome — Zoreli's Guild to Building Your Gnomish Garrison

Hello, my fellow gnomes! Warlords of Draenor has begun, and so has the gnomish invasion of Draenor! And any proper invasion requires a proper base, a garrison befitting of gnomish ingenuity! Now, unfortunately, the architect they tapped for our ga...
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Zoreli Darkspindle157170Small Folkston 7y
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Flex Raids!

Click Image for hi-res verion.Its been a bit of a struggle the last few weeks trying to get ten or more Gnomes who were prepared to face the challenges Blizzard has place before us in Flex difficulty. But last night it all came together, in convin...
Small Forbs 7y
Forbs156075Small Folkston 7y
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Rumby the Stranger?

.......*slowly creeps into the room* Hel-hello? Its...Its everything looks so new. I have been gone so long *smacks the back of the communicator* calling G4 come in G4. Do you copy? I know my voice must sound unfamiliar from bein...
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Rumby51777Small Rumby 7y
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Monday Night Raids

It looks like we lost our PvE officer after less than a week (a new record =). So we'll be discussing the future of the Monday night raids at the meeting today. If you have been active in the Monday raids, and cant make it to the guild meeting, ...
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Forbs3711204Member avatar small Winkia 7y
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WoD beta

I'm not planning on playing in the Beta, I'm not currently feeling enthused enough about WoD to want to help test it and submit bug reports, to be honest. I actually canceled my subscription renewal, but it doesn't expire until September, and t...
Small Folkston 8y
Rhali61772Member avatar small Mescyn 8y
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SoO normal

id be interested in it, i can show up pretty much any day from 5 pm server timei can only dps though
Member avatar small parinke 8y
Rhali196015Member avatar small parinke 8y
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5/15 Normal Firelands run 7pm server

*flying gnome tackles*Normal Firelands tonight if anyone didn't look at the calendar and wanted to go.
Member avatar small Aesyryn 8y
Aesyryn3954Small Rhali 8y
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CoS Wed. Flex Run, G4 members invited

Hey everygnome, As you all know we have had some difficulty getting a full team for normal and flex together these last few weeks. I spoke with the GM of Crusaders of Skadoosh (Whatchajuant), and he is cool with raid geared gnomes coming along to ...
Small Rhali 8y
Rhali21056Small Pippannelle 8y
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SoO Normal, loot rules discussion

So I wanted to have the discussion since we have about a week till we would run it again. SInce we have a kind of irregular set of people coming but usually about 4-5 of us can make it to each, I wanted to know what ideas people have for this. Dif...
Small Rhali 8y
Rhali82797Member avatar small parinke 8y
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Looking for Frost Mages

I just boosted a mage. I have always wanted one, but had only got to level 65 with the one I had. I squished easily. I would love to learn how to PVE a frost mage well. Could any of you experienced mages share your sucessful rotations, glyphs,...
Small Trixietreat 8y
Trixietreat164372Member avatar small Aesyryn 8y
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challenge modes and WoD

as some of you may know, challenge modes will be changing in warlords of draenor. along with the changes will be the removal of the current rewards.i hope to get some brave gnomes together to get them done, not only so we can get some challenge mo...
Member avatar small parinke 8y
parinke41425Member avatar small parinke 8y
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Retro Raid Night

Hi everyone!As you all know, Retro Raid Night is one of our most successful endeavors. However, I'm concerned gnomes may be getting tired of running older content. Let's face it, Molten Core run #124 is nowhere as exciting as Molten Core run #1 ...
Small Tridyna Quickcipher 8y
Tridyna Quickcipher72050Small Forbs 8y
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Siege of Orgrimmar Flex Boss vids

We are scheduled to start SoO Flex this coming Saturday night (the 4th) at 6 pm server right after the Guild Meeting.Make no mistake, these will not be easy fights. If you've been in an LFR, you know basically how the fights work.Immerseus - https...
Small Brixee 8y
Brixee144798Small Rhali 8y
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Finishing Shadowmourne

I have scheduled 2 ICC 25 H events on the in-game calendar. These are to finish off the remaining Shadowfrost shards Jinky needs to complete Shadowmourne. She is at 29/50. I'm hoping 2 runs is all she will need, but a third run may be required. Th...
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Brixee248570Small Glitterspaz Stormshard 8y
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Raid schedule for the Holidays

Because we're coming up on the time of the year when people are travelling and spending time with family, Tridyna and I decided that we would hold off on starting into Flex until the new year. So the plan is to return to the Cata Heroic raids that...
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Brixee93249Small Rhali 8y
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MSV 10 Normal - The Last Three

The Spirit Kings - the Merciless:- Move for 'Flanking Orders' or take a boatload of damage. Tank should pull Qiang out of the path.- Annihilate. 1.5 mill damage. Co-ordinate everyone on a direction t...
Small Brixee 9y
Brixee269353Small Forbs 8y
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DayRaiders weekly Raid team.

Dayraiders is currently forming and we need more members!! This is a group that was asked for at Guild Meetings and I am humbly trying to get it off the ground for all those that asked. We have a fairly good DPS pool but need Tanks and Heals pre...
Small Shyndelle 8y
Shyndelle92984Small Rhali 8y
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What would you prefer we do?

Continue in MSV (we're on Elegon, for those not in the know), OR...start Siege in Flex?Bear in mind that regardless, we *will* still need at least 2 heals for this. Minimum for Flex is still 10 players. If there is sufficient interest, I will get ...
Small Brixee 8y
Brixee195727Small Nemna 8y
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Timeless Isle

Hey fellow gnomes,I've been poking at the Timeless Isle a little bit recently, but -- unfortunately -- some of the creatures there don't think very highly of me and my magic, and they are more than willing to express their displeasure at my intrus...
Small Nemna 8y
Nemna41104Small Kalimba 8y
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Flex Raiding

Well Blizzard has released theSoO raid release schedule.So what I was thinking, granted still need to post on calender/talk to a few people, but I was thinking of having a Flex run through the first wing on Sunday 9/15 roughly around 4.30 or 5 ST...
Small Durell 8y
Durell123644Small Brixee 8y