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A Link For Coggs

Here's another salvo in the Mage vs Warlock war for you Coggs. =WARNING - Not Safe For Work: Language= Solos The Sha of Anger In About 30 Seconds. 13.8 MILLION DPS Exploit- Forbs"For Gnomeregan!"
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Gnomes vs. Warchief?

So with 5.4 dropping soon and the new raid that is sure to be amazing. I believe that When it comes down to the final wing or battle of the raid. That we should not do LFR but get a huge group of G4 gnomes and I suppose other gnome guilds and have...
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Rumby51592Small Durell 8y
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Raid etiquette and etiquette in general

Well since I will no longer be raiding with you guys for the forseeable future here are somethings that I have noticed that *need* to change.1. Communication- The communication in this guild makes a troggs undergarments smell fresh and new. When a...
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Retro-Raid Night August 9th

Hi everyone! This is an experiment.Post three places you'd like to raid on this coming up RRN in the order you'd like to do them. On Friday morning, I'll tally up the votes and post the most popular three raids. Those will be the retro-raids fo...
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Found this interesting post on MMO...

...dealing with toxic behavior in lfr: down to the topic 'Toxic Behavior in Random Groups') This is the abbreviated form.The full post is here:http://us.battle.n...
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MSV 10 Normal - The First Three

The Stone Guard - 23 minutesThis will be the tough one (imo). This video explains everyone's role, but it emphasizes the tanks. This is because the onus of this fight is on the tanks. If 'Dyna and I can ge...
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Flexible Raiding

Da PreviewPersonally I kind of like this idea and see it as a good feature for guilds similar to us. I.e. Causal but attempting to raid- Would give us a good practice in flex mode before attempting it in normal. Plus we can have more than just 10 ...
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I am working toward becoming a more competent Warlock in raids/dungeons and I need to find out how to target the enemies more easily.It seems in battles that the hordes of enemies and the guildies clump together and I can't sort them out to tell w...
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Heroic Scenarios/Challenge Modes

So in 5.3 we have Heroic Scenarios coming. 1 new thing about these is that you can only queue up with a pre-made group. So once it gets closer I think we should look at trying some of these. Looks like we may have some interesting stories in them....
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Durell41105Small Pippannelle 9y
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LFR Mogushan Vaults

I should've had this up sooner, but I have some RL things distracting me. covers the first 3 Bosses in MV. Pros of this vid are that it covers all everyone's role - tanks, heals, and both dps. Cons, I ...
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Brixee269428Small Tridyna Quickcipher 9y
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Satchels in 5.2

So one big thing that has been getting some complaints recently is the satchels you get almost every freakn LFR run. Which until now have only had gold. Good news! Thats changing!Satchels obtained via the Raid Finder now have a chance to contain a...
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Durell82568Small Sverra 9y
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Gnome soloing

There's all these talks of raids this and raids that, etc... And that's great and all, but some of us (ok, maybe just me) has really cruddy time frames. I know there are already a few soloing people in the guild already, and it isn't really my thi...
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Gnome Raiding

Hello! Gnobi here, I'm new to the guild and figured I would introduce myself here on the forums as well as throw in any help I can with an all Gnome raid. Back in Wrath I raided occasionally with an all druid 25 man group after we had discovered ...
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I just noticed this on GuildOx...

...I was looking at where we sit in terms of Guild Achievement points, and admittedly, GuildOx doesn't do a great job of keeping things current (even if you ask it to update). But I noticed that for Alliance Guilds with no current raid content ach...
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Brixee2917Small Forbs 9y
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Heroic Cho'gall

Tankspot doesn't seem to have a vid for this fight - or at least not that I could find on their site. So, here is one from Vox Immortalis: vid is 23 min long, but you really only need to watch the first...
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Patch 5.2 Raid Nerfs Incoming And More!

Summarizing this thread here: of you gnomes who have dreams of completing the first three Mists of Pandaria raids while they are still relevant need to get on the ball! When Patch 5.2 ...
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Forbs31328Small Durell 9y
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Some changes - and some new things - happening in Raids

In discussions with Fixton, 'Dyna, and Forbs, there are some things that will now be implemented in our raids (both Retro and 'Progression').* At no point should any of this be taken that fun will no longer be tolerated in the raid atmosphere. We ...
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What's happening with Raids.

So, what is going on with raids right now?Well.........nothing, really.As we are all aware, there's a new expansion full of shiny things for curious little Gnomes to click on. I know this, because I'm guilty of it. Everyone is off leveling, grindi...
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How often do we make it to Gnomeregan?

How often do we run through Gnomeregan? Also, how does that fit into the arc of the guild? Maybe think of it like an interactive historical archive?
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Niuzao Temple - Commander Vo'jak

So we received a sound beating (5 times...coughcough) from this ferocious bug who sounds like Cobra Commander with a cold. Here's a video for us to watch and maybe take some info from it! Wheeeeee!
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