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From the Journals of Apprentice Engineer Jincs Flashfuse,

by Jincs Flashfuse on Nov 13, 2013 at 03:20 PM}
Yet again an unmitigated disaster has befallen me. I've failed in my latest attempt at a self-replicating Cog factory, (Just think of the applications, not only can it produce any model of cog, but it can also reproduce itself! The bounty of such a discovery would be incalculable!) Not only have I failed, but I've done so in quite spectacular a fashion.

I had just finished a miniature proto-type in the comfort of my own home, and after a semi-successful test run I made a few minor adjustments and turned on this modern marvel. Cogs were being produce in a myriad mix of sprocket-count, cog-width, and cog-spin! I was so encouraged I decided to initiate the replication function of this ingenious masterpiece. Unfortunately, I must have miscalculated the stress-factor that would be experienced by this small-structure's framing (copper bolts in hindsight though affordable were likely not the best choice...). Inside my little factory I could hear the engineering wizardry occurring, and then something unfortunate begin to occur. Even as more raw materials were being fed in to my miniature miracle, nothing was coming out. (Perhaps a larger exit port is required on the hind end of this device..) As I watched this fabulous little factory began to swell to dimensions never imagined in my sketches, and drafts.

It was at this point I noticed that the more unstable portions of the new factory's reactor were being fed into this growing disaster. It occurred to me that I had moments to vacate my home if I wished to continue my existence upon Azeroth. As I fled my comfortable abode I had time for one last thought before the impending explosion hurled me into a near-by bank of snow. Next time, I would get it right!


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