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Pendie's Logbook 2: Unsleeping

by Maerryl on Mar 29, 2014 at 05:55 AM}
I cannot sleep.

It is no departure from the norm, I suppose. The dreams never stop. But this is the first night I haven't had something to occupy me while I whiled away the quiet hours.

I missed opening my confessional two weeks running now. It would laughable if it did not break my heart to admit it. Being on an trip is no excuse. I should not have gone to start with. But to leave my business undone, my research unfinished...unconscionable.

I need to be there. What if gnomes need someone to talk to and I am not there? What if they don't and I am deluding myself?

I achieve nothing by fighting myself, and yet there's a certain kind of absolution from it. Penitence? I am not certain. Can misgivings even count as such?

Who does a confessor confess to? I wonder.

Go, go, go, until you drop. Would that I had the energy the others have.


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