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Letters left at a Stone #2

by Rusteah Sparksoot on Apr 03, 2014 at 07:47 PM}
My Dearest Toggle;

I feel bad for being away for so long. One thing always seems to lead to another and there is always work for a willing rogue.

Yes, my Dear – I became what you always joked that I would become. I really tried being just a leather worker as I always said would, but sitting in a stuffy shop or worse, a tannery, just didn't seem appealing the more I considered it. You were always so much wiser than me. Or maybe you just had a better understanding of things. From what those who have been willing to talk to me, you did well for yourself. Who knows what you would have become if... well, I will leave it there.

I don’t think I was meant to do anything but be a rogue. It wasn’t like the Riggers were ever a font of magicians and warlocks, and I was never good or strong enough to be a warrior.

It is time for me to leave, my love. Craggle's hand is getting tired and I have been offered work again, across the sea, in Kalimdor. Like I said, there is always work for a rogue. Remember that I love you and miss you.

Your Rusteah


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