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Pendie's Logbook 3: Dreams

by Maerryl on Apr 14, 2014 at 06:20 PM}
Another two weeks past, and another two weeks eventful happenings.

My confessionals were slow, which was to be expected. More interesting was the field testing of boots for hampering accidental trodding on gnomes. It is likely that my position there as an emergency mender was superfluous, given Pippanelle's presence. Still, it was interesting to watch.

I must say that this Alldion and his friends were very patient sorts, and courageous given the nature of testing gnomish engineering. While it is not goblin claptrappery it remains that the testing phase is fraught with explosive results. Even if I lack the acumen my people seem to have a predilection for I know this.

I have asked more than one druid about the dreams. They have told me that it does not relate to the emerald realm that they claim we touch when we sleep.

This is troubling. If those considered the foremost experts on dreams cannot tell me anything, who can?


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