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Letters Left at a Stone #3

by Rusteah Sparksoot on Apr 21, 2014 at 08:07 PM}
My Dearest Toggle;

This letter is from the the Dranei city. The innkeeper here offered to help me write this.

I was going to take a gryphon to Lor'Danel for a job, but I got talked into coming here to by a Dwarf hunter I met. You know how I can't resist a guy with red hair...

Anyway, Azuremyst Island is a strange place and an unsettling one. I was forced to do my first real kill yesterday. Yes, "kill" because troggs don't count. He was a Blood Elf, on one of the beaches. You know how I was always so proud back in Gnomeregan about not having to use my knife unless I had to.

Well, I had to.

I have his headscarf tied around my arm to remind me. I tried to wear it, but it felt strange. I keep seeing his face – he was so pretty, in that other-worldish elf-way. It was like killing a beautiful but deadly flower. The innkeeper says I should go talk about it to one of his people, over in the pavilion. Perhaps I will, especially if I can't sleep. But I would rather talk to you instead. How I wish I could!

I hope Craggle will get this in the mail and get it to the stone soon. He can be so absent-minded.

Your Rusteah


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