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Pendie's Logbook 4: Penitent

by Maerryl on Apr 28, 2014 at 05:49 PM}
"A confessor's duty in the context of a place of worship is to listen.

We are to listen to the stories and tales of those who come to us, hearts or souls burdened with something that keeping to themselves is troubling. The most common ailment for those who confess is guilt over their actions."

I write this definition down now to remind myself why I wanted to be a confessor. To relieve others of their burdens, if only a limited way, is among the most uplifting of sensations. It cleanses the soul, and helps me feel closer to both my allies and the Light.

When I open the confessional and none arrive, I am unhappy because I can help no one who will not come to me, and I do not gain an opportunity to interact with my allies, to learn about them and who they are. The militia is filled with interesting people...but I am afraid to approach them outside of the context of the confessional. I am a pariah among gnomes, after all. I can contribute nothing meaningful to their lives.

It is cowardice, plain and simple. To hope that they come to me is to hope that they are burdened, the height of selfishness. I do not deserve the allies I have.

Yet...for my failings, they accept me.

I must find a way to repay the militia for their kindness. But how?


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