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Gate of the Setting Sun: Challenge Mode Notes.

by Zyone on Sep 18, 2014 at 03:26 PM}
Trash: Pull the first wave of mobs all the way to the boss entrance. Finish them off before starting your first boss encounter. (Stack together so smoke bombs/clouds don't become a problem for ranged/healer)

Boss: Start off with heroism, blow all cd's on boss all while avoiding the bombs.

Trash: After killing the first boss run to the first set of adds and kill them. Run across the bridge (avoid the stun from boss if possible) and kill the second set of adds. After those adds go down runs straight to the elevator skipping the next set of adds and getting on the elevator to start the next encounter. (Have someone in charge of the elevator lever to ensure all five people are on the elevator. *no man left behind!*

Boss: Healer should focus on Prey Time timer (the boss grabs a random DPS and deals 400k over 5 seconds.) make sure they are healed and topped off. Everyone should avoid acid pools. Coordinating where to stand when boss throws fire on the ground so the group doesn't divide. Easy fix if we mark the healer and follow wherever they go during that phase. After the boss is downed have our fastest runner begin the scenario making sure the people that stay up kill the adds with the cannons.

Trash: Kill the adds as fast as you can.

Boss: Start the encounter exactly where the boss is standing. Work your way up positioning boss so that the green pools are placed on one side. Work your way down on the opposite side and finish him off exactly where the boss was originally standing.

Trash: Avoid the trash that you skipped and jumped down towards the last boss. Use slow fall/Paraglider or jump onto the wooden stick and then to the floor to avoid dying from falling damage. (Because you will die if you fall from the very top)

Boss: Immediately heal up everyone from falling damage. Send two DPS to kill weak spot unloading cd's and popping heroism. The people that stay down just kill all the adds that spawn. After the two weak spot DPS get thrown off, have one dps rotate out so that the DPS that stayed down the first time has all cd's available to unload on the weak spot. After weak spot is down stand on the same side as the healer and burn the boss keeping in mind to run away from fixate. - Zyone "For Gnomeregan!"


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