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Quick lil update on Omtay.

by Omtay on Nov 13, 2015 at 10:19 PM}
Well gnomes, this day came outta no where didn't it? Gnome Hunters. And with that information Omtay is going to take his RP story to the next level. A few friends and I will be planning to make guild together. Wait! Its not what you think! We plan on this guild to work very closely with G4. (Kind of a military rp sub guild to G4) Nothing solid yet. But here is a sneak peek of D.A.T.A.



A group of mercenary gnome marksman taking contracts for work. Bit of a mash between SWAT and Blackwater private contractors irl. We didn't think gnome hunters would happen like this so many details need to be worked out. But the future is indeed bright my fellow gnomes!


Here, Here.
I like it! Will it be 100% Hunters? Or could some muscle join as well?
The bulk we plan on being hunters, but we plan on taking in other classes for specialist jobs like rogues for stealth missions and recon. Stuff like that. So far its going to start out with my friend and I, 2 gnome hunters that become mercenaries and begin to bring in others to eventually form a military force for hire. It'll will be mostly a rp guild. However, the recruitment will be intentionally slow. We will be looking for people that will be active, not an alt guild. We plan on using every member for rp events to further the story of the guild.
Feel free to call on either of my two rogues if needed. They have similarities and differences but can be contracted out as needed. If it's all gnome like it sounds only Durell would fit the bill, H.A. Chattoway is a worgen :-)
<<rogue.....for the stealthy stuff

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