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Back in Action!

by Siosil on Jan 02, 2018 at 04:18 PM}
Hello there gnomes! I am back after a long hiatus where many many things happened! Incoming long post!

First off I technically haven't been gone from WoW, aside from a few short sanity breaks here and there. Almost all of my WoW-playing Real Life friends play Horde side so thats usually where I tend to spend most of my time when things are busy. I've been spending most of the last few months unlocking flying, gearing up to raid, and now working on hitting exalted with a few factions to unlock the upcoming Allied Races.

However I no longer raid, and my Horde side guild has been void of RP all expansion and is currently only raiding and doing mythics (I hate mythics), and I am nearing the finishing line on my reputation grinds. So this leaves me a lot more free time to return to the Alliance and all the gnomes I've missed, yay! I actually kinda miss the slower release schedules of content to give me more down time and time to catch up on everything!

So as I mentioned I am no longer raiding due to two issues. One is that I am one of only two East Coast members of my Horde guild, and the new raiding time for this expansion is way past my comfort level in timing. 8-9 CA time may be good for them but it's like midnight for me. And I'm getting older and crankier so I can't stay up late like I used to and be able to function for work the next day.

The second thing is a medical problem that popped up. In September I woke up one day to realize I had so much pain in my spine that I could barely walk. I went to the ER and spent a week in bed on muscle relaxers and pain killers barely being able to move. It got the point where the pain was tolerable and I got into to see a chiropractor and learned my spine had subluxated (partially dislocated discs) in two locations in my back and neck. With regular appointments my back now feels back to normal, but I cannot sit for extended periods of time any more. So that also kills potential raiding for me.

So, I am back and I do expect to be back for the long haul!

My plans for the future...

Well, I know I hyped up hunters because I loved the class, but I have instead spent the first few months of Legion mourning the class because with all the changes they made to it I just hate the way they play now. I've tried every spec and nothing feels right. I am hoping that the old Survival hunter is returned to it's pre-Legion state in BfA but I'm not getting my hopes too high.

But where the hunter class left a hole it was quickly filled with warriors. Well, Fury warriors at least. I still can't tolerate Arms and I still completely fail at tanking anything with any tank class. I am thinking of adding a warrior as my third and final gnome to the G4 roster but I'm still thinking on it, and won't be rolling the character until after the next patch with the new leveling experience comes out.

I also plan on gearing up both Siosil and Tivalt to the point where they aren't super squishy so I can at least be helpful on some G4 guild events whatever they may be.

My only other plans are leveling up a few more alts and working on unlocking a few more class mounts once I am done with my Allied Races rep grinds. Except the Rogue class mount, that quest line can be chucked out a window.

And if I am on the Horde side, I don't want others to feel as if I am unreachable. So here are my Battle Tags for any gnome who wants them! I am always available to chat regardless of what side, so don't hesistate to smack me up for small talk! Just mention when you send the request you're from G4!

Durdanios#1425 & Kiyoko#1150

Lastly, some other things I've done the last few months that are not of great importance but am adding for fun:

- Trying and failing to binge watch Parks and Recreation. On season 4, whoo! I feel connected to Ron Swanson on a very spiritual level.

- Got hooked on the DnD podcast The Adventure Zone. Been listening to it while leveling Siosil.

- Nomi would be proud. I learned how to make Oyakodon, adding it to the very short list of Tacos and Pierogies of "Things I can cook and not burn the house down".

- Saving up to buy a new computer. Boyfriend bought me Assassins Creed: Origins which I really want to play but my current computer can't run it. I am halfway there!

- Desperatly wanting to write a book thats been in my head for a very long time, with a goal of seriously publishing it, but then seeing what goes into publishing a book and crying a little (ok, a lot) on the inside and not getting anywhere with it.

- My New Years Resolution was to draw more. I haven't drawn anything yet. Let's see how long this lasts! :D



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