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by Fixton on May 08, 2013 at 03:10 PM
The Private Journals of Gilliam Gloomspanner, Vol. 8, Years 400-

Entry 49

I arrived at Ironforge early this morning. Private inquiries through sources that enjoy their privacy (so they will respect mine) revealed only location he's known to visit regularly. The name indicated it was a gnomish hang out in Ironforge. I arrived in front of the little red door decorated with bronze gears. I opened the door and stepped inside. There seemed to be no one around, so I picked a seat in a dark corner with a good view of the door and waited.

After waiting what seemed like an eternity, a young female gnome stepped out of one of the back rooms. She had pigtails and some rather large glasses on. She apologized for not hearing my entry into the cafe, muttered something about normally by invitation only and handed me a menu, as I was unfamiliar with their cuisine. About that time, a couple more gnomes came into the cafe. One of them had a purple hat on and the other while the other had some sort of purplish semi-facemask thing on. The hostess gave me a little curtsey as she said that she'd be back in a moment and hurried off to greet the other gnomes. From the joyous greeting, I could tell that these two were regulars. At last, a chance to get some information.

While keeping a straight face, I was inwardly gleeful as they were led to a table next to mine. Normally, I'd be upset by this with so many open tables in the cafe...but, I was anxious to possibly over hear their conversation, and maybe interject a couple questions of my own.

I had just ordered my food when I heard the one with the purple hat ask the other how the new recruits were doing. I overheard a quick exclamation about needing a bigger training budget. But, then I heard her say that there was a promising death knight named Fixton.

I jumped out of my seat and ran to the door. I must've looked quite the fool. But, it didn't matter, I had to get out of there. I ran through the door so quickly, that I nearly tripped down the small set of stairs. Instead, I ran into a black robed clad gnome with a dark hood on. In the awkward position I was in, I looked up into the hood and saw two glowing eyes looking back at me.

He removed his hood, and helped me to my feet, apologized for getting in my way then moved around me. I could only stand there in complete shock...the gnome was unmistakable. My son was a death knight!
by Command Master Chief RumbleCoggle on May 07, 2013 at 07:54 PM
To: G4 Command
<Priority 1 Warning>

Be advised of unlawful activity conducted by operatives of <Fancy Men of Stormwind>. Our own covert Horde agent indirectly came into contact and identified one human male who, actual method still under investigation, is able to intercept auction house items in Gadgetzan. For now all support to this agent must be suspended.

Command Master Chief RumbleCoggle
G4 Special Operations

<Nothing Follows>
by Command Master Chief RumbleCoggle on May 04, 2013 at 01:28 AM
<Priority 2 AAR of authorized direct action mission>
<G4 Command Staff eyes only>

Advanced team grouped aboard <S.A.D.> mobile command base Skybreaker as per directive. Once final authorization was given we executed an airborn combat insertion to target, got area secure and established communications / transport of the main force. Point Defence Specialist Ensign Dyna took lead with myself as backup and combat operations began.
Unfortunatly one of our two main objectives was not achieved. We have yet to obtain the sample needed from the Blood Queen. I must assume total responsibility for this failing, and can only assure command that upon our next deploy we'll get work done.
Assault team was in perfect form, moving, shooting, and communicating like a well oiled machine. The Lich King never new what hit him.

Command Master Chief L RumbleCoggle
G4 Special Operations
<Nothing follows>

by Fixton on Mar 22, 2013 at 07:42 PM
The Private Journals of Gilliam Gloomspanner, Vol. 8, Years 400-

Entry 48

I don't have much time. I need to be on the move again. It feels like I've been chasing rumors for years now. I heard another one here in Uldum...a gnome going by the name of Fixton. Supposedly, he's been helping the Ramakhan here. Except for the rumors in Icecrown, I can't find a single example of a bad deed. But, I cannot allow him to steal the reputation of our son, Lenora! One of the Ramakhan told me they thought he was headed to Ironforge next. I must get there with all speed.

by Fixton on Nov 09, 2012 at 03:03 PM
I had attempted to ask some people in the city the significance of the black scar through their land, but was chased away...the guards carrying the banners of the Horde. It seemed that I would not find any answers from those within the city walls.

Instead, I headed back to Stormwind to present to Professor Jones some of the artifacts that I had found in my travels. I had not thought that presenting some artifacts for examination would provide a memory jolt, but when Professor Jones declared that I was now one of his assistant professors, I had a flashback to a classroom, young gnomes with their hands raised, and I was standing at the head of the class in front of a blackboard with various engineering schematics on it. I had been a professor of engineering in Gnomeregan. This must have been why the Engineering Labs within the city had seemed so familiar to me! It also explained why I was so quick to pick up engineering and why Lilliam had seemed somewhat surprised when he heard my name.

I was so ecstatic that I rushed to Chief Surgeon Gashweld to tell her my progress. She was elated. As we talked about where I might head next, she seemed to feel that I was ready to head to Outland as the other Knights had suggested to hone my skills in preparation for the Alliance's assault in Northrend.

I started my journey there and soon after passing through the Dark Portal and taking a look at the land, it seemed clear to me this would not be a place for answers. It would merely be a place to hone my fighting skills. But, it seems that life has a funny way of challenging every assumption one has. It was not long before I found my way to Shattrah City. And, while I was being given a tour of the city and the refugees that had taken up residence there, someone came running up to me and said, "Professor Fixton, is that you?"

But, the person asking the question was not a Gnome. He was much, much taller. As I looked up, I saw the face of an elf. But, not the Night Elves of the Alliance. He had much paler skin. I could not deny his questioning of who I was. I must've looked a far cry from how he had known me in the past with all of the armor that I had on now. When I told him that I was Fixton, he began speaking so quickly that I did not catch his name. But, I did go into a tavern with him, and he told me his story. He explained that he was a High Elf refugee that had settled here in the city and he told me the tale of the fall of Silvermoon City and the scourge's attack, resulting in the dark scar that I had seen. I told him my tale and asked how he knew me. He seemed incredulous at the thought that I did not know my own tale. He told me that I had been sent by the leaders of Gnomeregan to train up a handful of High Elves in Silvermoon City in engineering, as we were all a part of the Alliance together at that time. I had been there when the city was attacked by Arthas, and I had stood by the High Elves as they made their stand at the walls of Silvermoon City.

That was why I had felt such a shock at the black scar...that is where I had died.
by Fixton on Nov 09, 2012 at 03:01 PM
I met up with Professor Harrison Jones in Stormwind Keep and he indicated several areas that might be of interest and asked that if I found any artifacts, that I would bring them back to him for examination. I agreed to help him with his research. But, first I went back to the Dwarven District and spoke with Lilliam Sparkspindle to learn engineering. (He looked at me somewhat quizzically when I told him my name.)

It felt a little awkward using an arclight spanner after getting so used to my sword. But, soon I was putting together pieces of technology at a dizzying pace! I think Lilliam was surprised when it wasn't long before I was creating a Turbo-Charged Flying Machine! He said that he hadn't seen anyone take to the profession so fast. He asked how I had done it, and I told him that I didn't know...but, I was trying to find out. So, it seemed that I, indeed, was an engineer in my previous life. Much about the profession just came naturally to me.

So, having learned what I could in Stormwind, I set out into the world, digging up artifacts here and there, but mostly just traveling around. After just digging up some artifacts from a dig site in Loch Modan, I came to a retreat and it was there that I had a surprise, and an unexpected meeting. I came upon a fellow Gnome there by the name of Bingles Blastenheimer.

Seeing the graying hair of Bingles, and knowing the Gnomish custom of sons and daughters taking the name of their parents until they have their own achievements to fashion a name for themselves, I immediately realized that Goby was this man's son. And, even though I was dead, I could still feel something within me...a duty, a responsibility, a guilt, and a need for forgiveness. Much to his surprise, I knelt before Bingles. And, I poured out the weight of my soul in telling Bingles all that had happened. I finished by telling him of Goby's brave sacrifice and asked for his forgiveness.

I didn't dare to look up at his eyes, and it was a long time before he did anything. Finally, he touched me on the shoulder and asked me to rise. I met his gaze and I'm not sure if it was a trick of his goggles or not, but it seemed that he wasn't looking at me so much as INTO me. Finally, he hugged me, and thanked me for telling me of his son's fate. He then looked at me sternly and told me that it was on me to take up the mantle of Goby's cause and continue on fighting the Lich King. I told him that I would. As we shared our good-byes, he asked one other thing of me...he told me that he would tell his other son Ando, as he was nearby in Loch Modan, but he asked if I would make sure that his daughter, Maxima, had heard of her brother's fate. I asked where I could find her and he said she was traveling with the Darkmoon Faire. I promised him that I would bear this news to her.

After the meeting with Bingles, I was kind of in a daze. I had set my Turbo-Charged Flying Machine on auto-pilot and reflected on the meeting I had just had with him. It hardly seemed like any time had passed to me, but I soon found myself in surroundings that were both unfamiliar, yet familiar at the same time.

Looking down, I noticed bright green grass with brilliantly orange leaved trees, and a large city off in the distance. But, there among that beautiful site was a dark scar burned right through the land. I headed down to it...right in the middle of that scar on the land. I leapt out of my flying machine, knelt down, and touched to soil. I felt a shock through my body. I noticed various undead beings there, I had assumed that the shock I felt was some sort of residual feeling from my time as a part of the scourge. It wasn't until later that I found out I was very much mistaken in this assumption.
by Fixton on Nov 09, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Taking Kelsey's advice, I traveled back to Stormwind to find Chief Surgeon Gashweld. As it turns out, she nearly found me as I saw her almost immediately after exiting the tram. I walked up to her near the fountain and told her my tale about Goby and what I had experienced while visiting Gnomeregan.

At first she said nothing. She sat down on the edge of the fountain, put her hand in the water and seemed to swirl the water about thoughtfully. After a minute, she looked up to me and said, "I know your desire to find answers in Icecrown is great. But, blindly racing there may cause more harm than good. I think you need to find a sense of yourself first. By finding out who you are and where you came from, you may help steel yourself should the Lich King try to take away your will again. May I suggest a few things before you head off to Icecrown? First, if you felt something while in the engineering labs of Gnomeregan, consider taking up engineering and see if the feeling of tinkering awakes any new memories. Perhaps some of the scattered engineers may even recognize you! And, second, take some time and travel around Azeroth, see if any of the places you travel seem familiar to you. Perhaps a memory is tied to a specific location. At any rate, I would suggest you go see Professor Harrison Jones at the libary in Stormwind Keep. He's always sending people off around Azeroth looking for things. So, perhaps you could help him out as you travel around."

I thanked her for her time and pondered what she had said as I headed to Stormwind Keep. Everything she had said seemed quite logical.
by Fixton on Nov 09, 2012 at 03:00 PM
I'm sure you all have heard the tale of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and how they came about. Needless to say, I was not alone in my feelings. Many of the other death knights sensed what I had felt. That we were something before, something more noble, yet torn from the grips of death into the un-natural things we are now. During the great battle at Light's Hope Chapel, we were able to break free of the Lich King's powerful will.

As I delivered a note from the Knights of the Ebon Blade and Tirion Fordring to King Varian Wrynn, I began thinking about what path I would take. Most important to me was to figure out who I was and try to regain my memories. Initially, I thought my answers would be found in the Scourge's fortresses within Icecrown and other knights suggested I hone my skills in a place called Outland first. But, as I sat in Stormwind after delivering the letter and being welcomed into the Alliance, I thought back to what Goby said to me..."remember Gnomeregan." That seemed as good a place as any to start.

During the journey, I had flashes of wondrous mechanical gizmos and gleaming metal buildings. When I arrived on the path to Gnomeregan, I saw a beautiful gate that seemed to be made of various spinning gears. If this was the gateway, then Gnomeregan itself must truly be a place of wonder! But, alas, my hopes were dashed as I met another gnome traveling by the name of Aizi. He told me the tale of Gnomeregan and the infestation of troggs in the formerly fair streets.

I simply had to see it for myself and, together, we went into the lower depths of the city. As we fought the troggs, crazed gnomes that would not stop attacking us, no matter how much we pleaded with them, and other foul things, I had a growing sense of familiarity with some of the places in the city. Particularly in the former dormitory areas and what had been known as the engineering labs. It was there that I felt a true sense that I had been there before. Aizi asked if I had been an engineer. But, I didn't know. Eventually, we worked out way back to the surface and parted ways.

The other gnomes must've noticed the confusion I had as I walked about New Tinkerton and were taken with my plight. Kelsey Steelspark said that I should seek out Chief Surgeon Gashweld in Stormwind, saying that she had helped her with some issues of her own and that she might be able to help me find the right path.
by Fixton on Nov 09, 2012 at 02:59 PM
((figured I'd move these out of the forum into the new journals!))

Well, ever since I met Aizi and he showed me the current state of Gnomeregan, you all have been quite nice to me. So, I thought I might share my unfolding story as I attempt to reclaim my memories and my life. Let me start at the beginning.

All I can remember is blackness...a cold, crushing blackness...but, there was a voice. A voice that told me I was to be an instrument of death. Then, suddenly, there was light! I could see. There was a massive man standing before and he said that he had raised me from the dead to be a part of his new army. I don't know how, but instinctively, I knew that this was my master. And, it was my duty to please him. So, I set about trying to do that. Slaying anything in my path as they repeatedly sent me on missions to ravage the Scarlet Crusade.

All I had was a desire to kill, maim, and destroy. That is, until one particular mission. It seems that in our conquering of the Scarlet Enclave, we discovered they had a prison camp of members of the Argent Dawn. The commander in charge sent me in to kill Goby Blastenheimer. I rushed in, eager to kill any foe standing in my path. But, as I ran in, Goby said "Come to finish the job, have you? If you'll allow me just one....Fixton?" And, despite my desire to kill, something stayed my hand. Goby continued on, "Fixton, I'd recognize that face anywhere...what...what have they done to you, Fixton?" I must've had a confused look on my face, to be honest, I think I was trying to figure out why my blade was not moving to cut off the head of the gnome speaking, but Goby pressed on, "You don't remember me, do you? Blasted Scourge... They've tried to drain you of everything that made you a pint-sized force of reckoning. Every last ounce of good... Everything that made you a gnome! Think, Fixton. Think back. Try and remember Gnomeregan before those damned troggs! Remember the feel of an arclight spanner brother. You were a champion of gnome-kind once! This isn't you." Despite the crushing feeling of my master's will pressing on me, I felt a spark of something inside me. It showed to Goby as my blade lowered ever so slightly. "Listen to me, Fixton. You must fight against the Lich King's control. He is a monster that wants to see this world - our world - in ruin. Don't let him use you to accomplish his goals. You were once a hero and you can be again. Fight, damn you! Fight his control!" Goby pleaded. I'm not sure how long I was in there listening to Goby. But, I heard my commander yell, "What's going on in there? What's taking so long?" Goby looked into my eyes and said, "There... There's no more time for me. I'm done for. Finish me off, Fixton. Do it or they'll kill us both. Fixton... Remember Gnomeregan! This world is worth saving." I moved my sword up for a swift killing stroke, but I hesitated, for the first time since my awakening, I did not have the desire to kill or slay everything in front of me. Goby must've sensed this because he then commanded, "Do it, Fixton! Put me out of my misery!" And, I swung my sword with all my might, not in rage, but to make it as quick and painless as possible. Goby was dead.

I went outside to my commander. He told me, "Felt good, didn't it? You're not one of them anymore. You're Scourge. You're one of us. Forever..." I nodded and moved on to my next assignment. But, I wasn't so sure. Goby had sacrificed himself so that I could continue on. Such a noble ideal. I began secretly making my own plans. And, while I didn't remember anything else prior to my awakening, I had a name...Fixton...
by Forbs on Oct 27, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Back To The Beginning

Entry 4

"Return to where it started." Those words keep haunting me. But like so many other things Master Chao tried to teach me, it doesnt make any sense. At least...not at first.

That was always the way of it. I lagged way behind the other students. The Pandaren I mean. Because of course I was the only non-Pandaren student at the monastery. The other students were children and adolescents mainly as far as I could tell. The cubs as the masters called them (the Pandaren start training early) had grown up hearing about this stuff. It was part of their culture, and so they quickly learned to master it.

But it just took much longer for my stubborn old Gnomish mind to crasp the concepts Master Chao was trying to teach me. It never seemed to bother him though. He had endless patience.

The other students never gave me a hard time either. They had never seen a Gnome before and had many questions. My name was a bit of a tongue twister for them, and they soon started calling me "Chin Lo". The name stuck, and soon everyone on the island was calling me that. I never did find out what Chin Lo means in Pandarese.

The Parable of Practice and Perfection: There once was a student who studied under a very strict master. He insisted the student practice a short series of defensive moves day after day, month after month, and permitted him to go no further. Finally overcome with frustration at his slow progress the student quit his lessons. Then one day he came upon a sparring contest. With nothing to lose, he entered. His defense of course was flawless. The other contestants could not lay a paw on him. Despite the student's embarassed objections, the judge refused to believe he had just seen a beginner perform. "Who is your instructor?" he asked, "He must be a great master!" The student later went on to become a warrior of great renown.
by Forbs on Oct 20, 2012 at 10:22 AM
Back To The Beginning
Entry 3

I feel lost here. Things were so much simpler on the Wandering Isle.

I returned to Gnomeregan to help, but things here are...well not too good. I'm not sure exactly what I expected, but it wasnt this. Things are fundamentally wrong here. The Gnomes here have no harmony,

The Pandaren have a word for it: "Fi Shung Hua" or something like that. It means: "Life out of Balance." Literally "crazy life." A life without regard to the ebb and flow of the universe and one's place within it. How can one Gnome possibly hope to change all of this?

I remember that no matter how difficult the problem was, master Chao always seemed to know exactly what to do. I once asked him about this. He told me that The Way reveals itself as a path to the enlightened. So I asked him what I should do if I am unable to see the path. He told me simply "Return to where it started."

- - - -
by Forbs on Oct 20, 2012 at 10:20 AM
Back To The Beginning
Entry 2

No, this isnt stupid. I learned a lot from Master Chao. More than I could ever hope to write down here or anyplace else. I know he gave me this book for a reason...but its empty. Its another one of his damned lessons. The final lesson. I just need to figure it out.

I sort of wish I was back on the Wandering Isle, because I could sure use some of his serenity and wisdom right now. Perhaps I will write down some of the lessons I have learned here in the book so that I do not forget them. Perhaps this is what he meant for me to do?

The Parable of the Scholar and the Books: There was once a well known scholar and philospher who studied The Way for many years. On the day that he finally attained enlightenment, he carried all of his books and scrolls out into the yard, and burned them all.

- - - -
by Forbs on Oct 19, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Back To The Beginning
Entry 1

[[The tome has the understated majesty of a stone lion. Though it bears no title or fancy embellishments, it speaks to you of a time and place where things were done by hand, without hurry. Clearly this is a volume meant to carry its wisdom forward through the ages. You feel compelled to untie the cloth ribbon holding it closed, to see what is written inside.

The pages of the journal are difficult to read. The contents appears to be a hand-written mixture of strangely slanted Gnomish runes interspersed with vertical blocks of Pandarese script you cant decipher. At the top of the first page you can just make out the words "Dear Diary" which have been heavily scratched out.]]

Why do people write in these things as if corresponding with an invisible friend named "Diary" anyway? I mean its not like the diary is ever going to write back. And if they arent writing to their diary, then who are they writing to? Who am I writing to??

No doubt Master Chao would turn this into some deep philosphical question for me to meditate on until I was black and blue from the Shiang Ban. This is stupid.

- - - -
by Tridyna Quickcipher on Oct 08, 2012 at 04:59 AM
Entry 1.

Grrr! That paste eater Coggs! How dare he suggest to Min that me keeping a journal would be a good idea!

There I was minding my own business when suddenly she started pestering me to write. "So, started a journal yet?" "How's that journal coming along?" "Did you write down what you did today?"



Ok, I got summoned by some Stormwind admiral to report to this sky ship. The prince had gone missing and the king needed help finding him. In short, I was drafted.

Those that know me would know I was not happy about this. I'm still not. I have a cafe to run for gears sake!

However, this is important. The Horde obliterated Theramore and war was upon us (again). Plus, I like Anduin. He's a good kid. If there was a chance that he could still be alive, I'd be happy to search for him.

I reported as ordered (grrrr) and we flew off. After several days, we reached the last coordinates of the flagship the prince had been on.

The fog was so thick! I couldn't see a thing. It was all grey with no way to tell up from down, left from right. It was flight by instrumentation only. To search for possible signs of ship wreckage, the air ship had to descend to break out of the cloud cover.

Suddenly, several cannonballs struck the deck. We had somehow flown directly into the path of some Horde battleships. People were scrambling to their battle stations. I saw some pilots laying on the deck dead, recruits who never had a chance to fire one shot at the enemy.

With the mists no longer obscuring my vision, I was able to use my goggles. Through them, I detected a whole Horde base with naval reinforcements.

Oh dear cogs, this wasn't going to be a rescue mission. This was going to be a battle.

More artillery flew by our sky ship as the admiral ordered her gyrocopters to launch. She must have been briefed that I was a pilot too because I was rushed to a copter to replace a dead pilot.

The craft was similar to the My Hope and I had no problem taking flight. I quickly familiarized myself with the armaments of the gyrocopter and went to attack the Horde.

It took several passes for me to get used to the aim. The fighting was fierce and I saw several craft brought down by ground fire. However, it was apparent the Horde had prepared their defenses against a naval assault and were not prepared for the sky ship's gyrocopters. I flew in low and let loose a torpedo that scored a direct hit on the powder magazine of one of their ships.

The explosion was deafening! It was bigger than the fireworks we had set loose in Ironforge! I swear my teeth clicked together as the blastwave struck my aircraft.

Afterwards, smoke covered the waterline making it hard to see our ground targets. The admiral must have realized this and ordered the aircraft back to the sky ship. The next phase would be a ground assault.

Let me tell you, it's no picnic landing a gyrocopter on a sky ship, especially when you have been rattled by a nearby ship explosion. I had a few white knuckle moments as the ship bobbed in the breeze but I got down safely. Whew!

To clear my head from breathing in all the smoke I sat on the edge of the flight deck for a moment. That's when it hit me.

I had flown a combat mission.

I was the first Crackwrench to become a combat pilot. In spite of my failure to get into the military academy and all the disappointment Papa had shown in his "good for nothing greasy spoon daughter," I had accomplished what no one else in my family had ever done.

I made it, little sis. Wish you could have seen it.
by Siosil on Oct 05, 2012 at 07:58 AM
Siosil reached up, grabbing the rim of his over sized grey hat and pulling it down to cover icy blue eyes. His little mind was racing and he needed some peace and quiet to think. So much had happened over the last few weeks that he was having a hard time coming to term with what it all meant. Gadget slowly plodded along the worn path through the unfamiliar land, going nowhere in particular while her rider was lost in his own thoughts. The elderly mare slowly came to a stop, knees creaking a bit as she lowered her head to graze.

Reaching up to rub a bit at the little patches of green mustache under his nose, Sio let out a soft sigh and closed his eyes. First it was Theramore. Gnomish intelligence reports had come in that the city was attacked and at least one Gnomish casualty confirmed. He informed Boss Forbidra and gathered the regiment's forces to go and search for information and survivors. He had not expected it to be as bad as it was. Even his cold, unmoving heart seemed to sink when he had seen the destruction the Horde's mana bomb had left in it's wake. Cautiously he and the others entered the city, taking out whatever Horde forces remained behind but they found no survivors.

After that, he found it hard to smile, hard to be the cheerful gnome everyone expected him to be. So he kept himself buried in paperwork at his small desk behind the gnomish beer store 'It's A Small World After Ale'. He spoke little to Lieutenant Brixie or Boss Forbidra. Possibly sensing his unusually depressive mood the Boss managed to convince him to attend the Harvest Festival in Redridge with her. It helped, a little. Being out and meeting new people lifted his spirits. It also helped he used his undeath as an advantage to stuff down 24 pies at the pie eating contest to win the competition. Though he would have preferred it to be a waffle eating contest.

The good mood was short lived however, as more reports from Gnomish intelligence arrived on his desk.

The Alliance had discovered an uncharted island and the Prince was believed to have been aboard one of the ships. Though more important then the Prince.. Coggling was aboard one of them too! This was a disaster! Minally would be devastated and the Boss wouldn't be happy either. Plus, to Siosil the fact that Coggling had gone missing was like losing his best friend. He double checked into whatever information he could find on the island and confirmed that Coggling was indeed aboard one of the ships. Attempts were made to contact him through his hearthrom but were unsuccessful in reaching him. So once again, the gnomes were gathered in Ironforge.

A rescue mission was launched, unknowing of the fate of their fellow Lieutenant and Siosil's closest friend. He was worried. Was he alive, or dead? What if the natives got him? And worst of all, he'd be stranded without a single waffle or any of his pretty dresses to wear! The others agreed so with a box of freshly made waffles and a second box filled with a wardrobe of frilly dresses, they headed out into the unknown lands in search of their comrade.

They found him, but it was far from a desperate, life threatening scenario. Thankfully, he was perfectly safe and sound. He had spent the entire time researching the island and speaking with the natives. But... he didn't want to return home. He wanted to stay. The words stung all the gnomes present. This wasn't home.. home was Gnomeregan, where they still had so much to do in fighting for it's freedom and cleanup.. why would he want to stay in a land that had nothing to do with home at all?

Quietly, he slipped away while the others were still trying to talk him out of his decision.

With a heavy sigh he finally raised his head to look at his surroundings, realizing that he was alone and had no idea where he was. And more importantly, separated from the others he had no way home.

Siosil bit his lip before lightly tugging on the reins. Nowhere to go now but forward. Gadget raised her head and glanced back at her rider before the two of them rode off into the unknown, unfamiliar lands.
by Durell on Oct 01, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Entry 1-

I looked as the other gnomes either walked or rode their mounts away; until only Brixee remained who very soon said

"I need to go find somewhere to hid before she gets that Yak in the mail."

"All right I will see you later Brixee." I said somewhat distractedly. With that Brixee left me standing all alone again with the four statues, an ox, a crane, a serpent and a Tiger. Tima was right I would be a coward to not let Minally know what had happened to me. I was rather cruel and heartless to leave her without any word of where I was going. Plus you know I should think her for sending a bunch of clean underwear with Dyna. With my mind made up I decided and opened a portal to the dwarvish city of Ironforge. I walked around the paved areas until I came to the house that Minally had purchased. It was small, nothing to out of the ordinary, with one exception, she had a garden. Walking towards the house the same thought I had everytime I come here popped back into my head: She's underground how in the name of everything gnomish does she have a GARDEN?!?

Knocking on the front door; a gnome with black pigtails and glowing blue eyes opened the door.

"Oh, Hi Trig didn't know you would be here is Minally in by any chance?"

With that Trig gave me a rather painful kick in the sprockets; and said "Hey guys the small man who can't do long division is here." With that Sparcle, Laynie and Minally came outside to see who she was talking about...and found me lying in complete and utter agony.

"Trig, Why did you do that? I wanted him alive; and if at all possible NOT damaged."

"Dyna said we should give him a quick kick to the sprockets for what he put you through and since she didn't when they found him alive. I thought I would."

"Yeah you had us all worried." Laynie said.

"You should be ashamed of yourself for what you put Min through. After Dyna and the rest left we thought we would all come over here and try to help cheer her up."
Sparcle added.

Turning to the other gnomes Minally asked for a little bit of privacy. They turned and went back into the house while we walked through the garden (the incredibly short one I might add.) Turning to me she asked "Did it feel like that for you?" Knowing what she was talking about I nodded.

"And you felt like that for 10 years?" Again I nodded. "How did you manage? I didn't think I could survive the week. Let alone 10 years."

"I drank to forget; looked for death, stuff like that. I would rather not talk about it. That chapter is closed, and I would rather not open it again."

We talked a bit more. Until she thought it was time to go back inside; looking up she saw the other three gnomes looking out the window. Turning to me she slapped me. "Thats for leaving and making me feel that you were dead;" and "this is for coming back" leaning up to me she [writers note: Hey thats private, what are you reading this anyways for. Some people. All right she kissed me Happy? Moving on.] kissed me.

So this would be the wrong time to say I'm going back. With that she slapped me again [rather hard this time I might add] "We were having a moment; but I think I understand."

"Hey, Why don't you come with me?"

Smiling she said "I will soon, but not right now. Wait here, I will be right back." Running inside she got this journal and said, "Write your tales in this and I will read it when I can. I'm just glad to know you are alive."

So thats how I got this journal thing. And I will keep it...or she will kill me.

[Found this part out later, shortly after I teleported away a rather annoyed Dyna came to visit Min. From what I gather she said "Min, he's alive but he's staying with the bear people."

"Yeah, he came here and told me himself, he teleported out about ten minutes ago. He said that he had a rather deep wound and he felt that they might have the key to healing it. Anyways come in we are having some Green tea with leaves he brought me; and I feel you have a story to tell.]

Oh before I go off and visit my new friend Loremaster Cho, Sio also wanted us to keep a log. So since my earlier entry was long I will do something quick.

The dwarf I was with found a raccoon companion he named him Gizmo! And the human sniper killed him, there was much weeping. He found another and named it Socks, and there was much rejoicing! And then a evil witch woman [I think she was a warlock] turned Socks to Jade...The dwarf called Sully and I wept many many tears at the loss of Socks. I think Im going to go find a raccoon now and name him Socks and one Gizmo in honor of the brave and courageous Socks and Gizmo.
by Brixee on Sep 26, 2012 at 11:32 AM
(As dictated to Jelanne, who is a scribe of no small caliber. She writes all this stuff for me)

That dashing Mr. Siosil asked me to write down my thoughts and stories regarding the newly discovered continent of Pandaria, and the creatures who live there.

I guess I should start at the beginning.

I was having a late afternoon breakfast at the Inn, when some unknown Human came up to me with a letter. He informed me it was a personal summons from some Admiral I'd never even heard of before. I thought this was some prank by Glitter, so I told him to stuff it. He shrugged, put the letter on the table and left.

After I was done eating, I picked up the letter and looked at it. It had official Stormwind Keep fancy-schmancy stuff all over it. How was *I* supposed to know it was really real?

What would the high-up mucky-mucks of Stormwind want with a...well....nobody Gnome Warlock?


Well, no, it's just that.......

Are you writing down everything I say?

AAAuuuggghhh! I don't know how many times I told you that you have a plate helm to prevent head trauma! This is what happens when you don't listen to me!

Sometimes you can be such a nincompoop!

End Entry