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Yeah, Gnomes Can Do That

Forbs / Aug 15, 2011
I'm begining to truly believe that there is nothing this guild cant do. We are Gnomes! We enjoy a challenge. This week was a good example. Monday we racked up the Challenging Achievement and the Dungeon Challenges Achievement.

On Friday Against All Odds hosted an Ulduar 25 Hard Modes run to celebrate Galiani's birthday, and invited us Gnomes along! Bellamy, Forbs and Gizzywig gratefully accepted. It was a long haul over five hours, but in the end everyone got Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) Achievement, The Astral Walker title and the Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake!

Then Saturday after our weekly guild meeting where we kicked off our *cue dramatic music* Secret Project, we paid a very short visit to the Blades Edge Mountains to knock down a very tall Gruul, and pick up the Gruul's Lair Guild Run Achievement!

Disappointed with Gruul's hospitality we dropped in on Hellfire Citadel to see our favorite Pit Lord. He wasnt up for visitors, so we had to put him down, picking up the Magtheridon's Lair Guild Run Achievement in the process. That puts our progress at 3/8 in our march toward the Guild Outland Raider Achievement!

Still not satisfied, we ported on down to Tanaris and helped several of our members get their The Culling of Time Achievement and their Bronze Drake mounts!

As Gnomes we exceed expectations as a matter of course. The merely difficult we do right away. The unbelievable...just takes us a little longer =) Speaking of which, congratulations are in order for Kwix and Rhialah! They have been working for quite a while and achieved level 85 status this week to join our swelling ranks of max level Gnomes! Well done!

And I dont know whether to congratulate or console Aizi who this week picked up the Time Flies When You're Having Fun Achievement again, and became the only Gnome in G4 History to become Exalted with the guild TWICE! Its still an impressive achievement.

And last but definitely not least a hearty G4 welcome going out to Cohlien, Fillmere, Manks, and Scraglum who joined the biggest "Little" guild around this week!


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